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Itinerary italy 10 days


Trains from Pisa Centrale (Pisa Centrale) to Venice Santa Lucia Station (Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia), via Firenze Santa Maria Novella (Firenze Santa Maria Novella), depart approximately every hour. Reservations for this route are mandatory but the time is reduced to less than 4 hours (including a connection in Florence).

The train from Venice Santa Lucia Station (Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia) to Milan Central Station (Milano Centrale) leaves every half hour and takes only 2 hours and 30 minutes. Advance reservations are mandatory.

1 week in Italy may seem too short to really enjoy all that this amazing country has to offer. But with convenient flights to major cities like Milan and Rome, international connections become easy.

Itinerary italy 5 days

As we explained in our post “How much does it cost to travel to Italy”, it is quite expensive to do so and it is worth reading our post in which we explain you some tricks to save money and extend your trip.

We started touring the country through one of the most famous cities, Venice. We dedicated three days to this city and we think it is more than enough. The first two days we explored the different neighborhoods of Venice. We want to make special mention to the Cannareggio neighborhood, where you will find the most charming alleys of the whole city.

We continued our trip visiting an area of Italy that we had seen many times in Instagram posts. For two days we spent visiting the five coastal towns that make up Cinque Terre. The first day we decided to trek from the town of Monterosso, passing through Corniglia to end up in Vernazza. The second day we used the train to visit Manrola and Riomaggiore.

Florence is one of our favorite Italian cities. We recommend that you spend at least three days there. We spent four because we didn’t want to go in too much of a hurry. In addition, one of those days we decided to visit the medieval towns of San Gimignano and Siena.

Tour italy itinerary

What we do know for sure is that traveling to Italy on your own means a before and after in the travel experiences of any foreigner who chooses this corner of the world. We do not know a single person who has not loved it. We came back completely in love with its people, its food and its cities. Shall we start?

We recommend the car option, only if you are going to make a route through nearby countries such as Croatia or France. Keep in mind that parking in cities like Milan, Florence or Venice can cost you a lot of money, since the downtown area is restricted to vehicles or is payable.

The big question you will ask yourself when organizing a trip to Italy. As always, it will depend on the days you have available and what you want to see, but we believe that 7/8 days is the minimum you need to enjoy this Mediterranean country.

To travel around Italy we recommend using the train, it is the best option. The stations are located in the center of the cities, besides being a comfortable and inexpensive transport. Calculate that a trip between Milan and Venice has a price of about 20 euros in modern high-speed trains. Check prices and availability on the Trenitalia website.

Itinerary italy 20 days

You can make a 7 days tour in Italy organizing it by yourself, it is quite simple and even here we will tell you the approximate cost. Although there are people who prefer to hire 7 days tour in Italy with travel agencies and have everything more organized … whatever your preferred option this guide will come in handy. Here we go.

City known for its popular Murano glass, the island of glass, visit one of its many glass factories. Full of glass souvenir stores, you will want to buy everything! It is also home to one of the oldest churches in Venice.

Visit its great amphitheater, preserved almost to perfection and that has nothing to envy to the Colosseum, taste its delicious waffles and enjoy a quiet atmosphere and really charming corners. Spend the night in the city of Milan, so when you wake up you can take advantage of the day from early morning.

You can not miss a visit to the Cathedral of Milan, the popular Galleries Vittorio Emanuele II, an architectural work of the nineteenth century, noted for its high vault topped in iron and glass and the Basilica of St. Ambrose.    Finish by visiting one of its most hidden gems, the Monumental Cemetery, a true marvel!

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