Travel to italy from usa summer 2021

You can travel to these European countries in 2021


For boarding it is necessary to complete a flight form or otherwise obtain a passenger locator, present a negative PCR test taken no later than 72 hours prior to arrival in the country or otherwise present the complete vaccination certificate for AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Sputnik. If you have received the Janssen, 14 days must have elapsed. On arrival, if you are not vaccinated, you must repeat the PCR at your own expense. No quarantine is required. More information.

Certificate of complete vaccination and at least 14 days after the final dose. Travelers who are not fully vaccinated may enter with a negative PCR or antigen test. If this is not provided, it can also be done upon arrival, but it implies a self-quarantine until the test result is received. Travelers who have overcome the virus and present a medical certificate that certifies it with a maximum of 180 days after having passed the disease can also enter. More information.

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For many U.S. travelers, the development means no longer having to worry about the hassle of testing before returning to the U.S., or the cost and burden of staying abroad to quarantine and wait for a negative result if a pre-travel test comes back positive.

For months, such organizations had been calling for the testing requirement to be eliminated, as it has been in Canada and the United Kingdom since March, as well as in most countries in Europe. Following Friday’s news of the rule’s end, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) and the U.S. Travel Association (USTA) were among the groups issuing statements applauding the move.

AHLA President and CEO Chip Rogers described it as a “significant victory for hotels and the travel industry as a whole” in a statement released Friday, calling the requirement an outdated one that creates a “chilling effect” on inbound international travel.

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Italian citizens who are in Colombia must strictly respect the indications of the Colombian authorities for the prevention of contagion. It is recommended to consult frequently, in addition to the website of the Embassy of Italy in Bogota, also the websites and social networks of the Ministry of Health of Colombia and of the different Authorities for information on the sanitary situation, and the website of Migration Colombia.

Until September 30, 2022, it will be mandatory to use face masks type FFP2 in public transport (trains, ships, buses and other means of transport), in socio-health and socio-assistance structures, and in sanitary structures.

For the issuance of the European Green Certificate in favor of Italian citizens (also residing abroad) and their cohabiting relatives, as well as foreign citizens residing in Italy for work or study reasons and all subjects registered in any capacity with the National Health Service who have been vaccinated abroad, the vaccines recognized by the EMA are considered valid.


If these documents are not provided, the traveler must be isolated for five days, with the obligation to undergo molecular or antigenic testing both at the beginning and at the end of the isolation period. More information here .

Travel to Greece requires the completion of a Passenger Locator Form (PLF). In addition, as of this Sunday, it will also be mandatory to provide a negative result of a PCR test performed up to 48 hours before entry, as well as the vaccination certificate with the complete vaccination schedule.

The second test must be carried out already in the country and it is necessary to contract it before the trip, since the booking documentation will be required. The British health system offers a list of providers , as well as the NHS itself to book the test. It is a PCR that must be done before the end of the second day after arrival. Pending receipt of a negative test result, self-isolation is mandatory.

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