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Is it now possible to ENTER ITALY for TOURISM?


If you are going to travel within the national territory, please consult the information provided by the Autonomous Communities regarding their requirements to the traveler through the following

* Based on Article 5.2. of the Agreement on the Accession of the Kingdom of Denmark to the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement of 14 June 1985 on the gradual abolition of checks at common borders, signed in Schengen on June 19, 1990, passengers coming from Greenland and the Faroe Islands will not be subject to border checks.

At present, there are no countries that are required to take additional measures to those already mentioned. In the event that the epidemiological situation in a country/territory or zone worsens to an alarming degree, exceptional health control measures may be applied to passengers arriving from such countries/zones.

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It is important to remember that the Ministry of Health has established restrictive measures in the regions of Italy, based on their epidemiological situation, classified in zones (white, yellow, orange and red).

At the moment, the regions in the white zone have freedom of movement. In addition, the hospitality industry is open, although with some limitations in terms of capacity. In addition, stores and shopping centers are open, as well as theaters, cinemas and museums, with capacity limitations and prior reservation in some cases.

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Consult how to make a claim in case of an incident with your baggage and the maximum time limits to file a claim, as established by the “Montreal Convention” to request the appropriate compensation in your case.

Remember that you can check the requirements and documents required in the different states. You can also consult the travel recommendations, general or by country (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation).

To learn more about the Member States of the European Union and to obtain a detailed description of their history as well as the tourist offices of each one of them, do not hesitate to consult the page of the European Union Portal.

Except in the case you are flying between Schengen countries, upon arrival at the destination airport you will have to assess whether you need to declare goods in your luggage, and go through the airport’s Customs control.

At most airports, you will see boards indicating items that must be declared upon entry. Common examples are food, high-value electronic equipment, amounts of money above a certain limit, medicines…). In case of doubt, the best option is to check with Customs.

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Are quarantine days mandatory? As of May 16, Italy lifted the requirement of a 5-day quarantine upon entering the country.  The 14-day quarantine will only be required for people who do not present a molecular or antigen test.

On the other hand, we remind you that in all the so-called white zones, i.e. low risk of contagion, which coincide with the 20 regions of the country, it is allowed to remove the mask outdoors and as long as there are no crowds.

For more information on the necessary requirements when traveling in Europe, we recommend you to go to this link of the European Union, with all the necessary information to solve any doubt in this regard.

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