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Traveling by ferry from Italy to Croatia has become a very interesting option for those who want to travel the country in their own vehicle, more and more people are using this transport from Italy to reach different parts of Croatia.

Many travelers take advantage of their stay in Italy to travel from there to some of the most important Croatian cities, so the ferry connection from Italy to Croatia is an additional attraction for the most restless tourists. From many Italian cities on the east coast there are connections to some Croatian cities.

Ferry from italy to barcelona

Being informed about boarding operations is essential to prepare for your trip with peace of mind. On all routes to Italy, check-in will take place at our counters located at the Maritime Station of the port of departure.

If you want to travel with your best furry friend, remember that with Grimaldi Lines you can do it by buying a ticket for your pet and choosing the best accommodation for your needs: you can choose to travel comfortably in a cabin, buying the Pet Welcome Kit at a cost of only 10 € per cabin per way, or the cheaper option of the basic ticket without assigned accommodation), which will allow you to move without restriction in the outdoor areas of the ship with your pet. Your pet is always welcome on board!

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Barcelona Civitavecchia sailing durations and frequency may vary from season to season so we’d advise doing a live check to get the most up to date information.

The port of Barcelona has 3 terminals and is a popular departure port for ferries to Mallorca, Genoa, Ibiza and Morocco (Tanger Med). The port also hosts many cruise ships sailing the Mediterranean Sea. The docks of the port used by ferries are located quite close to the city center.

Visitors to the city will find examples of restored medieval and baroque structures, which include the great Fortress of Forte Michelangelo, which was commissioned by Pope Giulio II in the early 16th century and the 17th century defensive walls behind the port. The wall forms a part of the Lungoporto Gramsci, which is an elevated pedestrian walkway. From here there are excellent views of the cruise ships and ferry basins in the harbor.

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From 01/04/2022 to 31/12/2022 it is forbidden the circulation on the island of Ischia of motor vehicles belonging to or driven by persons resident in the region of Campania, excluding those belonging to the population permanently resident on the island.

The following vehicles are prohibited access, circulation and parking in Formentera during the regulation period.-Rental vehicles, rented outside Formentera-The quads-The caravans and motorhomesRemember to process your access on the page

To think of Italy is inevitably to think of the history of humanity, with monuments, ruins, and above all an artistic heritage that has endured through the centuries, becoming a point of reference for future generations.

It is impossible to talk about Italy without taking into consideration its gastronomy, one of the most traditional, distinct and undoubtedly the most popular on the planet. With famous dishes such as pizza, pasta or risotto, Italian cuisine has become one of the great attractions of this country, not to mention its exquisite wines and cheeses, which leave speechless those who taste it for the first time.

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