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It is true that most travelers entering the country do so by plane, however, a very popular option is to access certain areas by boat. There are many alternatives of cruises in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic that allow you to know the coastal areas, being also able to make excursions to the larger cities like Rome.

In this sense, one of the best tips to travel to Italy that we can give you is to take into account all the factors: the price you are willing to pay, the time you are going to be there, the amount of places you want to visit, what will be your starting point…

In case you are planning to leave from your origin driving, you should check if your license is valid within these borders. If you are from the European Union, there will be no problem. Otherwise, we recommend that you check the Italian driving regulations in case you need to apply for an international license.

On the other hand, it is convenient to know that tolls and the price of refueling is high and the roads, in comparison with those of the rest of Europe, are somewhat more neglected depending on the area through which you circulate.

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Italy is a country known for its hospitality, as well as its contributions to the world of architecture, art, cinema and gastronomy. Many Italian cities are among the world’s most sought-after destinations, making Italy the fifth most visited country in the world.

In our comprehensive Italy travel guide, we recommend the best places to organize a road trip, points of interest not to be missed, and most importantly, answers to the most frequently asked questions that often arise before traveling to the land of pasta and pizza.

If you are planning a road trip through Italy, we have several interesting proposals in our Road Trips section for inspiration. Here we explain in detail the different itineraries and how much time you should plan between one stop and the next. The amount of time you spend at each destination is entirely up to you. We invite you to customize your route and make your trip an unforgettable experience, remember that there is also the possibility to book a one way car rental, with return in a different city than the pick-up city. Whether through the Italian Alps, along the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany or Sicily, each region has its own charm, cultural heritage and gastronomic specialties. With a rental car in Italy you can make a multitude of getaways and enjoy the country in depth. Here are our suggestions for you to enjoy Italy to the fullest:

How to travel cheaply in italy

Italians have a reputation for driving like crazy, is it unfounded? I’m telling you right now: no. It is true that when you go through the cities you feel that the traffic is quite chaotic, and on the roads you always have to watch out for overtaking. But with a little care you get the hang of the Italian style quickly.

The maximum speed limit in Italy is 130 km/h, which drops to 110 km/h if conditions are not optimal (e.g. rain). Remember that a trip is not a race, drive as fast as you feel comfortable.

I will never tire of repeating it: I no longer travel anywhere, near or far, without travel insurance. Any little thing can end up in drama (and a major expense for the pocket) and with the times we live in, more than ever we need to feel protected before embarking on an adventure.

I usually use Iati insurance when I travel. In this case, I think that the Iati Escapade policy is the ideal one for a trip to Italy by car. To give you an idea, with my discount (entering from this link applies directly), a week of coverage costs you only 17.45 euros or 22.25 euros with cancellation. Are you still thinking about it?

How to travel through Italy from north to south

This is a post with tips for traveling to Italy. In my trips to Italy (it is a country that I traveled several times) I have been able to visit several areas: from the inevitable Rome or Venice, much of Tuscany, part of the Italian Riviera or more remote places like the Aeolian Islands.

Italy is a relatively easy country to organize in tours because of its elongated shape, so it is a matter of choosing a region (north, center or south) and simply diagramming coastal or circular itineraries through points of interest. But the truth is that wanting to cover the whole country in a single trip can be a little less than exhausting. And this will leave us with the feeling of overlooking everything to follow an accelerated pace. Among my tips for traveling to Italy I confirm this: it is better to concentrate on a region or do not pretend to see everything the first time.

Tip >> Booking at least one month in advance will be a way to ensure better prices and availability and we will only need to have our driving license in order (it is always advisable to have an international license as well). Driving in Italy is great because it allows you the freedom to stop or detour in all the places that appeal to you, and believe me there will be plenty of tempting and unexpected places to stop.

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