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In Italy there are different plug connections for electrical devices than in Germany.  However, the mains voltage is also 220/230 volts alternating current. Type F and type L are used as plugs in Italy.

“Narrow” plugs (flat European plugs), e.g. for charging cables for cell phones or simple electrical devices, usually fit, but are rather loose in the socket. For this reason, Italian plugs have a third pin in the middle, which is used exclusively for “stability” in the plug.

Large, round, protective contact plugs (“Schuko plugs”) do not fit in Italy. They are mostly for electrical devices with a little more power, but the German plug pins are too thick.

Suitable adapters are available in some hotels and vacation apartments. You can get the adapter here in all electronics stores and in Italy in all large supermarkets.

Adapter for Italy

Do you want to go on a trip to Italy for your next vacation and don’t know how electricity works there? You are in the right place. Here you will learn a lot of relevant information about plugs and sockets in Italy.

In the “country of the boot”, mainly 3 types of plugs and sockets are used. Type C, Type F and Type L. Normally, electricity in Italy is operated with a voltage of 230 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz.

This type of plugs and sockets is used in most of Europe, with the exception of England, Ireland and Malta. This has earned it the nickname “EuroPlug”, as it is only commonly used on this continent.

The F-type plug, with its original name CEE 7/4, is another plug that is seen in a large number of European homes. Countries such as Austria, Germany, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands work with these plugs.

Each of the plugs installed in the Italian territory works with a standard voltage of 230 volts. In addition, they handle between 10 and 25 amperes, in terms of current. And, they have a frequency, also standard, of 50 Hz.

Adapter needed for italy

In Italy , the plugs and sockets are of type C, F or L. Type C has two round pins, type F has two round pins with two grounding pins on the side and type L has three round pins.

If the voltage in your country is between 220V – 250V (as in Europe, Australia and most of Asia) you can use your equipment. If your appliances are only made for 100V – 127V (as in the USA, Canada and most South American countries) you cannot use them and will need a voltage converter or a voltage converter with a type C, F or L adapter. If the voltage frequency in your country is different from that in Italy (230 V), some devices may not work properly.

Check the device markings before traveling. Each electrical device has a label (often on the charger) indicating in which volt and frequency range it operates, for example “INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz”. If this range is also found in the destination country, you do not need a voltage converter, just check the type of plug / socket. More information about the voltage converter can be found here.

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