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If you’ve come this far is that your trip to Milan is imminent, so it’s time to pack and preprar our luggage. One of the best ways to pack our luggage without forgetting anything is through a list of things, and as we introduce these objects and clothes go crossing them off the list. Here we are going to offer you a list type to make your luggage to travel to Milan comfortably and practically.

Whenever you travel by plane it is advisable to use hard suitcases, as they will better protect our luggage at the airport. But if you want to travel with a backpack to Milan we recommend that before boarding the plane you wrap it with plastic, as often the backpacks on the plane are easily damaged because they get stuck by zippers and strips of fabric and end up breaking.

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We are of the second group, and there are times when we start preparing the suitcase for the trip up to a week before leaving, so that nothing important is forgotten. We put the suitcases in a room and in the madness of the routine day to day life… there they are, ready to escape. Shall we start?

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not always. We always take suitcases on big trips, and we find it important to choose one that will stand up to all the ones to come (and there are many).

And when it comes to packing your suitcase, a RECOMMENDATION: put in the hand luggage you take into the cabin of the plane the minimum you would need to spend a couple of days in the event that the suitcase is lost (without wanting to be ominous).

Depending on where you are traveling to, first and foremost, a valid national identity card or passport. That you can’t forget. Yes, it is something very obvious, but just in case, put it first!

We usually carry a photocopy for everyday use and leave the original at the hotel, in case it gets stolen or lost. Something we also usually do is to email us a copy of our passport.

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Carry-on baggage will consist of one cabin bag and one additional accessory. This will be checked both at check-in and at the boarding gate. The bag must be light enough to fit easily in the overhead compartment.

Certain items such as pilgrim’s staffs and umbrellas, carried in reasonable quantities and on certain flights, may be checked in at no additional cost. Provided they do not exceed 120 cm in length.

Please note that the country of destination may prohibit the introduction of some types of food into its territory. We recommend contacting the competent authorities of the country to find out the limitations related to the transport of perishable foodstuffs. Any type of food carried in checked baggage must be properly packed to prevent accidents (they will travel under the passenger’s responsibility).

There are strict procedures for the importation of some products of animal origin (meat, milk and products based on them) into the European Union and other countries as they may carry pathogens responsible for contagious diseases.

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You should also keep in mind, what kind of activities you might be doing during your trip so that you prepare the appropriate clothing, whether you are hiking, diving, partying, skiing or sightseeing in the city, you will need the right clothing.

Don’t forget the necessary batteries, cables and chargers for your phone, tablet and laptop. Plug adapters are vital if you are traveling to a country that has different electrical outlets than your home country.

For example, if you are traveling to the United States, you must take into account the rules of TSA (Transportation Security Administration) which has policies about transporting liquids at airports in that country.

There I put my passport, ID card, credit cards, travel insurance, family book where my Astrid Sofia appears, foreign currency bills if I travel outside the country and even a pen. Because I always have to fill out forms at the airports and I “have to” do it for my whole family when we travel together.

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