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It is true that most travelers entering the country do so by plane, however, a very popular option is to access certain areas by boat. There are many alternatives of cruises in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic that allow you to know the coastal areas, being also able to make excursions to the larger cities like Rome.

In this sense, one of the best tips to travel to Italy that we can give you is to take into account all the factors: the price you are willing to pay, the time you are going to be there, the amount of places you want to visit, what will be your starting point…

In case you are planning to leave from your origin driving, you should check if your license is valid within these borders. If you are from the European Union, there will be no problem. Otherwise, we recommend that you check the Italian driving regulations in case you have to apply for an international license.

On the other hand, it is convenient to know that tolls and the price of refueling is high and the roads, in comparison with those of the rest of Europe, are somewhat more neglected depending on the area through which you circulate.

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5 Requirements for Traveling as a tourist to Italy in 2020Published on 01/02/2020Many people have asked us about the requirements to enter Italy in 2020, and is that more and more travelers from Latin America are encouraged to know this wonderful country. For the time being, they remain the same as in 2019 and that we explain one by one in the video.

In this case, I am going to focus on the requirements to travel to Italy as a tourist, that is, for stays of less than 90 days, since the requirements to emigrate to Italy are very diverse and depend on each type of emigration to be done, it can be for study, work, rooting, etc.

4.    Schengen travel insurance.  This requirement is being requested not only at the time of immigration at any Italian airport, but even the authorities of the country of origin are requesting it before boarding.

The amounts required by the immigration authorities change frequently, so again, before traveling do not forget to check directly with the ministry’s website. But the most recent information we have is:

Requirements to travel to italy with an invitation letter

Remember that Italy is a member of the Schengen area, made up of 26 European countries. To enter this territory a visa may or may not be required. Check here the countries that do not require a visa to enter the Schengen area.

º Travel insurance. This requirement may be required, not only at the time of migration at any Italian airport, but even the airlines are already requesting it at the time of Check in.

The amounts required by the immigration authorities change frequently, so again, before traveling do not forget to check directly with the ministry’s website, being the most recent information we have:

If a family is traveling where any of the members has a European passport and as long as they are ascendant relatives (mothers and fathers), descendants (children) or couple (husband or wife) they will be able to make the migration management together through the community ticket office.

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Italy is one of the most touristic countries in the world so it has a large network of accommodation. Traditionally hotels and nowadays apartments of all kinds and bed and breakfast fill the cities and towns of the country so it is very easy to find accommodation when traveling to Italy.

A tour of Milan for a day in October: the must-see sights of the city such as the Duomo or the Sforza Castle, the Naviglio or the Pinacoteca Brera. Artistic tour of the historic gates of Milan. Milan and its gates, an urban element almost unknown to travelers.

Visit the Carthusian Monastery of Pavia, one of the most interesting monasteries in Northern Italy, between Pavia and Milan. For me a visit that will leave you with your mouth open to discover the spectacular Carthusian monastery and its various rooms.

Verona: route for one day. Although this city deserves a few more, the must-sees like Piazza Bra or Piazza delle Erbe (of the Herbs), the Arena, its Adige river and its medieval castle. But in Verona there are numerous hidden treasures that do not fit into all the routes and that we also tell you in the blog.

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