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Located in the center of the Ligurian coast, of which it is the capital, it is in a point of easy communication with the most industrialized regions of Italy and Europe. It has the most important port in Italy, as well as being a commercial, industrial and financial center, forming an important cultural and economic triangle with Milan and Turin.

After having defeated Pisa (1284), with which it disputed the domination of the waters, it began a period of great economic expansion and domination of the Tyrrhenian Sea, thanks above all to trade with the East and Africa. Their expansion was based on trade, but they also built important fortresses in the eastern Mediterranean and especially in the Black Sea, as a support for their fleets.

In the mid-14th century, several Genoese families made agreements with the Byzantine emperors by virtue of which they obtained dominion over several Aegean islands and some forts on the mainland which, after the fall of Constantinople in 1453, passed to the control of the Ottoman Empire.


We loved Genoa, it is very easy to walk through its streets full of impressive buildings and every corner has something to discover. We did not need to use transportation to get around because the hotel was very central and it was easy to get everywhere.

The city is very dirty, full of dark and smelly alleys that give a feeling of insecurity even during the day. Although it is full of palaces and buildings that in their day would have been beautiful, most of them are half abandoned or in ruins.

City that definitely deserves a visit (although short, with a couple of days is enough) without being a must of Italy. Its streets and places exude personality and authenticity, and in general it is a quiet city without the hustle and bustle and crowds that you might find in Rome, Milan or Naples.

A pity that the promenade is so overshadowed by its huge elevated road that spoils the panoramic view, although on the other hand it manages to remove a lot of traffic and you hardly notice the noise of cars passing through it.

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Genoa is an Italian city that is characterized by industrialization and by receiving many tourists, although it is not its main point it also has historical sites, which make it an ideal tourist spot.

If you want to know all the details of this Italian city continue reading this article that focuses on what you can do in Genoa, its historical background and how to get there if you are in Milan.

Being a coastal city, Genoa offers its visitors a fascinating historical, cultural and artistic experience. Among the things you can enjoy seeing and doing in the city are the following:

In this renowned Genoese street, you will be able to fully enjoy the history and culture of the city. Precisely in this street you will find 3 main museums, one of them is the Palazzo Rosso, which exhibits the works of art and treasures that belonged to the Brignole family.

And on the sides of the square are the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Doge’s Palace. Needless to say that this square is very crowded by its inhabitants, but also by tourists who want to know more about the city.

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