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Hello everyone, good morning, we are traveling with my husband and another couple to Italy in September. Among other cities we will be in Florence, and we wanted to do in one day Pisa and Sienna. What do you think, will it be possible? What should we do: Florence-Pisa-Sienna or Florence-Sienna-Pisa. Thank you very much for your advice.

If you have time, plan to visit them on 2 different days, but not on the same day. Otherwise, choose only one of them. While Pisa is more iconic because of the tower of Pisa (bell tower), Siena seems to me more complete and beautiful (because of its squares, medieval structure, architecture, cathedral, etc), i.e. Siena has a bit more attractions. To either city, you can go by regional train (no reservation) from Florence, and you can even return to sleep in Florence the same day. Greetings!

I will arrive from Madrid by plane to Milan, because in Genoa there are many stops and it takes a long time, from there at the airport a bus or train to La Spezai if there is, there in La Spezia I will stay 3 nights to visit the cinqueterre.Once finished the cinqueterre go to Lucca, I imagine that by train I do not know …you tell me how. Stay in Lucca 2 nights and visit by bus to Siena ,,,,is it possible)))) or you have to rent a car??? tell me which is the best way,,

Florence to Pisa

Whether you are touring Tuscany or if you are initially only going to visit Florence, I have to insist on at least saving one day to visit Siena and San Gimignano. They are two of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany and I’m sure you won’t regret taking the time. Because of their proximity to Florence, you can perfectly combine Siena and San Gimignano in a day trip. So that you can do the tour on your own and it is more economical, I am going to compile all the necessary information in this article so that you can make the trips on your own.

Taking advantage of the fact that there is a train leaving from Florence with a stop in Siena, we decided to take this transport because of the convenience it offers.    There are several a day so you simply have to choose the schedule you prefer. I recommend getting up early and taking an early train to make the most of the day. You can check the schedules on the Trenitalia website.

To give you an idea that you can do this day trip to Siena and San Gimignano at a low cost price, the total cost of travel was 22,10€ per adult. We left on the 9:10am train and arrived back in Florence around 6:15pm. I hope you will take this day tour because it is well worth it!

What to see in siena

For the train connection from Florence to Siena, you will find train schedules and ticket prices via the booking links. Read the following route information. Saver fares and discounts (“Super Economy”) are available if you book in advance.Your travel route could look like this.

How to use the following information: we show you the best routes and where to buy tickets. On longer routes, you may need more than one ticket. Book your tickets step by step as explained. If you have questions about the Florence to Siena route, please ask in our forum. Of course, sometimes there are other possible travel routes.

train connections: popular connections used by other usersSiena – Florence / Rome – Ancona / Rome – Bari / Rome – Bologna / Rome – Bologna / Rome – Florence / Rome – Milan / Rome – Naples / Rome – Venice / Milan – Venice / Venice – Florence / Venice – Rome

How to go from florence to siena and san gimignano

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We woke up the next day to a thunderstorm and had to take shelter in a shed where a rooster insisted on pecking at our feet when he ran out of breakfast crumbs. I took it as a good omen, because the symbol of the Chianti region is precisely a rooster. During the storm we decided on the route. Map in hand we looked at what other villages like Montefioralle we could take out to dance. Choosing the route implies avoiding the temptation of falling only in tourist sites and joining -dancing with- the forgotten ones. Reaching an isolated village is like embracing a hundred people.

I took this photo in the courtyard of the Palazzo Piccolimini, (I had to charge €5 for the entrance) a Renaissance residence created at his whim by Pius II, one of those tyrant popes with an ego to the stars. Apart from the vices of the time, it was in that resurgence after the dogmas of the Middle Ages that man’s consciousness of the universe was vindicated. Human architecture, which generally interferes with the landscapes, in Tuscany still maintains the sobriety of those first dialogues, of that first timid empowerment that was the Renaissance.

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