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The whole city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you have things to see at every turn. The Uffizi Gallery houses masterpieces such as “The Birth of Venus” or “Botticelli’s Spring”, as well as Titian’s “Venus of Urbino”. Not far away is the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, with Michelangelo’s “David” and the “Slaves”, some inacabas sculptures of the sixteenth century. If you are spending a few days in Florence, don’t miss other museums such as the Bargello, the Gucci Garden and the former palace of the famous Medici family.

In the historic center you will find the impressive Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (also known as the Duomo of Florence) and Giotto’s Bell Tower, where you will have 360º views of the city. Florence’s Central Market is a must stop if you are interested in trying authentic Florentine cuisine. It is the largest and oldest market in the city, and features plenty of fresh produce, a bookstore and a cooking school. You can try everything from their famous lampredotto to pasta, gelato and Florentine steak.

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Do you want to travel to Florence? The best travel deals to Florence. Travel at the best price and enjoy one of the main cities of Italy.admire the beauty and the traces of the Renaissance in the Tuscan city where art is shown in its maximum expression.

Florence was one of the most important centers of the Renaissance. For this reason the splendor of art can be experienced in every corner. All this associated with a family, the Medici, whose mark remains through the centuries. We have selected the best hotels, at exceptional prices, so you can enjoy your vacations in Florence and feel like a member of such a powerful clan.

It is a must for any traveler. This bridge, which is now so pleasant to walk among jewelers, full of jewelry, housed in the Middle Ages stalls of fishmongers, butchers and craftsmen of leather and fur. In the 16th century they were replaced by goldsmiths and jewelers. Passing through it is hard to believe that you are crossing a bridge because the continuity with the city is almost magical. This fact is due to the famous Vasari corridor built over it so that Duke Cosimo I could go to the Pitti Palace without mingling with the crowd.

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Florence is one of the must-see cities in Europe and a reference point for any “Art” lover. Some of the best museums and galleries, in their respective fields, are located here. In addition to emblematic buildings and constructions such as the Ponte Vecchio, the Florence Cathedral or the Piazza della Signoria, among many others. The local food, the atmosphere of the city and its people, do nothing but put the finishing touch to a “10” city. Some essential things to do in Florence:

Day 2: Start the day in Piazza Signoria, one of the most beautiful squares in the city and home to the Loggia dei Lanzi and Palazzo Vecchio, once the residence of the Medici. In the afternoon, enter the Galleria Della Accademia, where you can see Michelangelo’s David. The sunset, save it for the Ponte Vecchio.

Florence Airport, renamed in 1990 in honor of Americo Vespucci, an Italian merchant and cartographer who gave his name to America, is, along with Pisa Airport, one of the main airports in the Tuscany region.

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Piazza del Duomo, located in the historic center, encompasses three of the best places to visit: the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Battistero di San Giovanni and Giotto’s Campanile.

The Piazza della Signoria, located next to the Duomo, surrounded by buildings, monuments and sculptures is a real open-air museum. Highlights include the Palazzo la Loggia dei Langi, the marble sculptures of Hercules and Cacchus and above all Michelangelo’s David (the original is in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence).

In the Uffizi Gallery we can observe one of the most important art collections in the world, where works by Leonardo da Vinci and other great Italian artists such as Botticelli and Raphael stand out.

The Basilica of Santa Maria Novella is another must-see in Florence, considered a World Heritage Site, has a white and green marble facade and is the headquarters of the Dominicans of the city.

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