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The Italian Renaissance initiated the Renaissance era, a period of great cultural achievement and change in Europe that extended from the late 14th century to around 1690, constituting the transition between the Middle Ages and modern Europe.

Although the origins of the movement confined mainly to literary culture, intellectual endeavor and patronage can be traced back to the early 14th century. Many aspects of Italian culture remained in their medieval state and the Renaissance did not fully develop until the end of the century.

The Italian Renaissance began in Tuscany, with its epicenter in the cities of Florence and Siena. It then had a major impact on Rome, which was ornamented with some buildings in the ancient style, and then heavily rebuilt by the 16th century popes. The peak of the movement came at the end of the 15th century, as foreign invaders plunged the region into chaos. However, the ideas and ideals of the Renaissance spread throughout the rest of Europe, making possible the Nordic Renaissance, centered in Fontainebleau and Antwerp, and the English Renaissance.

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“First he holds the fruit in the palm of his hand, stem side up. Then she makes a horizontal cut to divide it exactly in half. The juice of a freshly picked orange is abundant, uncontainable and its aroma bursts into the air (…) I have participated in this ritual in fields all over Italy and it is always a moving moment. There is nothing that can compare to the taste of an orange just picked from the tree”. The aromas, the textures, the colors, the sights are touched in Helena Attlee’s The Country Where the Lemon Tree Blossoms (Acantilado). A golden starting point to tour the boot-shaped peninsula that enchanted the British garden expert. Italy is a country to know from one end to the other. From the Alps to Sicily. Punished by the coronavirus crisis, reading is a way not only to travel, but also to vindicate the subjugating beauty of its landscapes.

Transalpine tourThe Romans and the Medici cultivated them. Oranges, lemons and citrons. Attlee’s treatise on citrus fruits, translated into Spanish by another Italy enthusiast, María Belmonte (who signs Pilgrims of Beauty: Travelers through Italy and Greece), is sometimes misleading in bookstores, where it tends to occupy the kitchen section. Although this delicate essay that combines horticultural theory and travel chronicle does not forget about gastronomy, the reader should know that he or she is in front of a hypnotic sensory experience where history and nature go hand in hand. They will look at lemon trees differently after reading it.

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