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Traveling to Milan is always a great choice, this beautiful city in the heart of Lombardy, Italy, displays for you the best offer in leisure and culture. A city with a charm of its own where our travel guide offers you first hand all the information to enjoy with your partner or your family an unbeatable experience.

Rising elegantly in the region of Lombardy, Milan is proud to be the largest industrial city in Italy. It is sophisticated and cosmopolitan, an ideal setting in which to spend your vacation. A trip to Milan will allow you to soak up its history and its must-see tourist attractions for every curious soul: museums, parks, galleries, castles… an incomparable climate, a gastronomy rich in Mediterranean flavors and welcoming people that will make your vacation in Milan an unforgettable experience. Consult our travel guide to organize your trip to Milan in comfort.

Organize your trip to Milan in the easiest and closest possible way with our travel guide. On this page we will guide you step by step to plan your trip with peace of mind knowing where to stay, what places to visit and how to get around the city. Traveling to Milan requires you to open your senses and enjoy its streets and people, its Renaissance essence, Italian gastronomy and art… make your trip to Milan that gift you always deserved.

Rome (Vatican, Colosseum, Fontana and lots of pasta)

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world for its culture, its people, its gastronomy, its language? The beautiful Italy is a world of possibilities to get lost in through its cities and towns. Different and wonderful corners full of history that will allow you to delve into the various secrets of this country. If you do not know how to prepare your trip to Italy, in unComo we give you options.

Italy is a country of contrasts and strongly differentiated between the North and the South. You will notice many differences between the two areas, you will find industrial cities in the North and in the South, rural areas and much more chaotic.

Be sure to try the Italian cuisine. Famous all over the world, but the authentic one, made in Italy, is very different and special compared to what you can eat anywhere else. Look for pizzerias or Trattorias that will allow you to eat at a very good price.

Remember that Italy is a great country full of art. Its museums and exhibitions are great and it is advisable that you get information about the ones you will find in each city so you can visit what you like the most. It is very worthwhile.

BÉRGAMO by train from Milan | Italy

Lecce has an unmistakable style. With its monuments, which date back to Roman times and, above all, the extraordinary 17th century buildings with the characteristic color of its local stone that tends to blond. The atmosphere is lively and sparkling. During the day, you can spend hours in the sun on its beaches, which are just a few kilometers from the city. At night, the old town will welcome you with its elegant and timeless narrow streets and, of course, its delicious restaurants.

It was the cradle of the Renaissance and the world capital of art in the 15th century. It has one of the most important historical centers and some of the most famous museums in the world. Surrounding it is one of the most emblematic and characteristic landscapes on the planet. Everything in Florence is spectacular: from the stores to the streets that lead to the hills immediately behind the most touristic areas; from the most genuine and popular neighborhoods, which emerge just outside the historic center, to the monuments that express its soul.

FIRST ITALIAN SURPRISE With Isabel and Antonio

At home, we have made a rainbow of solidarity: tutto andra bene, it says: “Everything will be fine”. And as soon as it is, I need to get back to the trip I had planned when it all started: a relaxing, food-filled week in Puglia, just past ‘the boot’ of Italy.

The hotel that inspired it all is a little further from ‘the boot’, less than a two-hour drive from Borgo Egnazia. We could stop and stretch our legs in Lecce; it is one of the largest towns in Puglia, known for its impressive amphitheater, beautiful baroque buildings and lively piazzas. Then, for a few days of leisure, we would engage in beach trips, lots of spaghetti ai ricci di mare (seafood pasta with lemon) in the port towns of the area, and an adults-only day at Santa Casarea Terme, which has sulfur-rich hot springs in a series of caves in the cliffs.

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