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Concern for Navarre students traveling to Italy


Milan, Rome, Turin and Viareggio and offers Italian courses with the same dates, the same prices and similar programs. With us it is easy and convenient to move from one location to another to discover Italy better and then why not take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity! The “Giro d’Italia” course is a study program that can be carried out in 2, 3, 4 or more weeks to learn the Italian language and get to know its culture and its beauty. The itinerary and the duration of the stay are at the student’s choice, included in the program is our intensive Italian language course of 20 lessons per week and, therefore, learning Italian with us will be fast and fun. The minimum stay in each city is one week.

With Leonardo da Vinci schools you can learn Italian and travel in Italy. Our programs are the same in all our schools and this will allow you to study one week in one school and then continue your training in another. These are our offers! Contact us for more information.


An insurance policy from Generali Italia s.p.a. (Tel. +39063611676). If you have decided on this insurance but have not taken it out before coming to Italy, you can apply for it by paying 49 euros (6 months coverage) or 98 euros (12 months coverage) directly at the post office. Use a 3-page payment form, payable to this account: Nr. 71270003, Generali Italia s.p.a. – Conto 20. Bring us the receipt, we will send a copy to the agency and you will receive your insurance document on paper in a few days.

It may take several months before you receive your residence permit. The Police Headquarters will summon you to give you the permit and take your fingerprints. Don’t forget to bring with you all the original documents you used to apply for the permit.

During the wait until the Police Headquarters summons, the receipt from the Post Office has official value, but it does not allow you to travel freely outside Italy, in particular to the Schengen states. If your residence permit is not ready but you need to return temporarily to your country, take a direct flight or find out about the extra-Schengen countries where you can make a stopover.

A trip to Venice Italy with students from Desde Malta

The study trip to Rome, Florence and Venice is the most complete trip for student groups to get to know fully the historical, artistic and cultural Italy. The trips we propose are oriented for secondary school, high school and university students as they are the ones who will take the best advantage of the cultural contents of the place.

For every student it is mandatory to travel to Italy at some point, and what better than to make a complete trip that awakens the interest in Italian history and culture. This is how the trip to Florence, Venice and Rome can be summarized, a tour in which teachers and students will enjoy an intense walk through the most outstanding corners of the Italian peninsula.

The trips we propose include a complete tour of Venice, Florence and Rome, but also allows the visit of other places such as Pisa or the Vatican. The most outstanding activities to do on this student trip are:

Summary of my exchange to Italy – EF experience

For Spanish speakers, the Italian language is relatively easy to learn thanks to its Latin roots. You can also take advantage of your study period to live with an Italian host family who will help you perfect your language skills while you get to know much more about the local culture. Additionally, since Italy is part of the Schengen area, you can travel throughout continental Europe and if you travel for less than 90 days (3 months) you do not need a visa.

Our academic programsThere is no better investment for your future than your own education; that is why we have to offer you our very complete educational portfolio to help you achieve your learning goals in the shortest time possible. Do you want to learn a language such as English, French, German, prepare for an official exam or university entrance exam, study a professional career, master’s degree or technical program? With our help, you can achieve this and much more.

We chose a school called HANSA, it was great and it is the one that offers the best prices in the market, there are many activities for all tastes, they make a very good cultural immersion and the directors of that school are very attentive to the students.

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