Southern italy travel itinerary

15 days in southern italy


Southern Italy has a special personality. Of poetic and colorful landscapes, passionate people and exquisite gastronomy. From Rome we will travel to Naples where we will embark to the Island of Capri, with its pastel-colored houses and enchanting cliffs. We will continue to the enchanting Sorrento and Salerno, on the Amalfi Coast. We will continue our trip to Italy heading south, bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea.

We will get to know Sicily, authentic and captivating. We will enjoy the beaches and the old town of Taormina, at the foot of the Etna volcano. Marsala, province of Trapani, and Palermo, with its neoclassical theaters and its majestic cathedral of the twelfth century await us. In the final part of our tour, we will visit the historic Pompeii, where we will see the remains of the Roman city covered by the ashes of Vesuvius.

We will depart from Rome in the direction of southern Italy. We will pass through Naples where we will embark to visit the Island of Capri. Once there, if we wish, we can take a boat to the White Grotto or the funicular to Capri capital. We will have time for lunch. Then we will embark again and continue to Sorrento, a town full of charm and tourist life that is at the foot of a cliff. We will have time to stroll around this curious town. Continuation to the Gulf of Salerno.

Sur de italia en 10 días

Salida temprano de Roma, para viajar al sur de Italia. Pasaremos por NÁPOLES donde embarcaremos (billete de barco incluido) hacia la ISLA DE CAPRI; si lo desea, podrá tomar una lancha hasta la Gruta Blanca o hacer un viaje en el teleférico hasta la capital de Capri. Después del almuerzo, embarcaremos de nuevo y continuaremos hasta SORRENTO, una ciudad llena de encanto y vida turística al pie del acantilado. Tiempo para pasear. Continuamos hacia el Golfo de Salerno. Alojamiento en SALERNO.

Viajamos hacia el sur de ¨la bota¨. Atractivo paisaje del sur de Italia mientras atravesamos el Parque Nacional del Cilento. Llegamos a PAOLA, a orillas del Mar Tirreno, visitamos el santuario de San Francisco de Paola y tenemos tiempo libre para comer en su bonito centro histórico. Seguimos camino hacia VILLA SAN GIOVANNI donde hacemos una corta travesía en ferry hasta la isla de SICILIA. Llegada a MESSINA donde tendremos tiempo para pasear y visitar la catedral antes de continuar hacia TAORMINA. Cena incluida. NB: Alojamiento en la “región de Taormina”, el alojamiento puede ser a veces en Messina.

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Southern Italy is full of history, cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. Narrow streets, colorful houses, delicious food, strong coffee, make up Italy. A trip through southern Italy offers the opportunity to see a combination of spectacular scenery, traditional villages and epic natural wonders.

You can start your visit from the Teatro San Carlo. It is the oldest opera house in Europe that is still active today and represents one of Italy’s most important cultural institutions. Enjoy a guided tour in English to discover its neoclassical decor and history.

Take a stroll along via Calabritto, which is the best shopping destination in Naples, and arrive at Vittoria Square. This is one of the most important places in the city, which celebrates the victory of the Christians over the Turks in the Battle of Lepanto (1571 AD). Facing the sea, you can see the so-called “broken column”, a monument dedicated to the people who died at sea.


This trip starts in Bari. You can rent your car at the Bari airport and head to the city to start this route through southern Italy. Unlike northern Italian cities like Florence, Bari is not known for its great monuments or must-see buildings.

We do, however, recommend a long and leisurely stroll through the old town with its medieval urban layout.  The Cathedral and the Basilica of St. Nicholas are the most important religious buildings in the city and well worth a visit.

To travel this road quietly is one of the main reasons to make a route through southern Italy by rental car. Don’t skimp on the extra miles. The views are a treat for the senses.

The towns are built on a slope, so you may have to park your car at the entrance of the town and walk down to the lower part and the beaches. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes!

The entrance to the city costs 13€ and there are many organized tours to get a better understanding of how the city was organized. If you are considering taking one of these tours, book in advance to ensure a place.

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