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Southern Italy is full of history, cultural heritage and breathtaking natural scenery. Narrow streets, colorful houses, delicious food, strong coffee, make up Italy. A trip through southern Italy offers the opportunity to see a combination of spectacular scenery, traditional villages and epic natural wonders.

You can start your visit from the Teatro San Carlo. It is the oldest opera house in Europe that is still active today and represents one of Italy’s most important cultural institutions. Enjoy a guided tour in English to discover its neoclassical decor and history.

Take a stroll along via Calabritto, which is the best shopping destination in Naples, and arrive at Vittoria Square. This is one of the most important places in the city, which celebrates the victory of the Christians over the Turks in the Battle of Lepanto (1571 AD). Facing the sea, you can see the so-called “broken column”, a monument dedicated to the people who died at sea.

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On my first trip I explored mostly the Salento area (southern Puglia), the land of orecchiette, trulli and Tarantella. And I fell in love with it, a piece of me stayed in Puglia forever: it is my favorite area of Italy. So much so, that I had to go back to get to know a bit of northern Puglia.

To do this tour it is definitely best to rent a car in Puglia. We took it and left it at Bari airport, the easiest access to the region thanks to low cost. As we usually do, we booked our car at Auto Europe, a Nissan Juke with yellow details that we nicknamed Tweety.

If you are one of those who like to have everything done (hey, that’s why you are on vacation), instead of following my route through Puglia you can book this 6-day trip through the region, from Bari to Lecce.

The capital of Puglia is a city that is quite amazing. The truth is that my expectations were not too high because of what I had been told, and I was amazed, I loved it. It has a decadent touch but with style, like Naples or Palermo that I personally like a lot. It is a mix between village and big city that dazzles at the moment.


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I found the bus a bit uncomfortable… the seats were very narrow with the one in front of me, which made the trip a bit unpleasant for long distances. CLAUDIA C.M.17/08/2022MARIA S.G.26/07/2022I liked the group very much, we were 15 people and that number made the transfers much easier, announcements, respect for schedules, etc.Excellent tour guide, with a lot of knowledge of the tour. In some places it was a long time to have lunch and see few things. The tour guide was excellent, with a lot of knowledge of the tour, and in some places it was a long time to have lunch and see few things.

2 The guide, after helping her to remove the glass in her hair and verify that the cut on her hand was minor, assisted the passengers well and was solving one by one the instances of an accident of this type.

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