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Port of Sorrento

Naples is the most convenient gateway to Italy if our goal is to visit Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, besides being a destination you can’t get enough of, even if you already know it. Naples is also the capital of Campania, the most populated city in southern Italy and the queen of chaos.

Naples is the prelude to our trip to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, a city you never tire of visiting again and again. Its chaotic beauty contrasts with the attractions offered by the Sorrento peninsula and the beautiful villas that slope down the slopes, almost to kiss the sea, on the Amalfi Coast.

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Continuing through the area, you can admire the green space of the Villa Comunale, once part of the gardens attached to the convent of San Francesco, whose cloister, dotted with beautiful pointed arches, has medieval origins and is one of the most photographed places in Sorrento.

Store at the Museum of Wood Inlay, located in the center of Sorrento, in a palace of 1700. In frescoed rooms and ceilings covered with hand-painted paper wallpaper is exposed to a vast collection of furniture and objects made by the masters of Sorrento marquetry 800.

An exhibition of paintings by Italian and foreign artists, 800, engravings and old photographs allows us to reconstruct the image of Sorrento and the historical context of the nineteenth century in which it developed a local production of inlay.

Dedicated to Saints Filippo and Giacomo, in Romanesque style dates back to the fifteenth century, of considerable beauty the side entrance of 1474 in Renaissance style. Inside there are paintings by artists of the Neapolitan school of the ‘700, an archiepiscopal throne in marble, and a choir of inlaid wood work of Sorrento craftsmen of the early 1900s. Of note are the paintings of the Via Crucisa along the central nave and the main entrance door, works of contemporary Sorrentine artists.

Sorrento market, Italy

I am planning with time the trip, I have read much of what has already been written in the forum of Southern Italy, but I am still lost, I find myself with medieval villages that I can not miss, I surf the internet and I find a lot of info and I do not know where to run, so far I have this, I hope you can advise me and correct my itinerary.

They are both very similar, although I imagine that the first one might be too tight, especially since we would like to visit Capri. What do you think? Is there any stop that you miss or that you miss too much?

My plan for the first day is clear. I will arrive Friday night by car to Bomerano where I will stay for two nights. Saturday is 100% Amalfi coast. I will get up early to do the Path of the Gods, spend a couple of hours in Positano, boat to Amalfi first and to Minori a couple of hours later, walk up to Ravello, walk down to Atrani and after arriving in Amalfi, take the bus back to Bomerano.

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