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My first trip to italy


After finishing the extension, I wanted to leave immediately, of course – too bad it was February! Almost a month later, nothing could keep me at home anymore and my first short trip took me to ITB Berlin and then to Saxon Switzerland. From the beginning it was not an option for me to take someone with me. Anyway, I wanted to experience this first trip on my own – I wanted Hedwig all to myself! Besides, I’ve seen a lot of girls on Instagram who camp and travel alone. So I thought, I want to try it too! After all, it was only six days, so I wasn’t worried at all about whether it would be weird. And it wasn’t that, quite the opposite. I totally enjoyed the moment and felt as if I had been away for three weeks after this short trip. So I had the pleasure of traveling alone and quickly decided to spend my main vacation in June alone. Until then I spent many weekends alone with Hedwig in Germany and Holland.

What worries me most when I am away is that the police or someone else will scare me away from my place in the middle of the night, as free camping is forbidden almost everywhere. If I’m on my own, i.e. outside of campgrounds, I usually find these places through the Park4night app. This is very handy, because there you can often find ratings for the different places, so you can get a good idea beforehand. The app also shows camping sites. Caution and respect for certain risks apply both day and night. However, I have as little fear as I do in everyday life and approach my trips with relative nonchalance.

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Hi Daniela, I am here now and it is a wonderful country. I crossed the border from Belize, but from Mexico you can cross from several states, I would recommend you maybe from Chiapas, so you can take the opportunity to visit it as they say it is very nice to know. Once you cross the border I would recommend you to start your visit to Guatemala by Lake Atitlan, it might be the closest first stop. Enjoy your trip and I hope I can help you with any questions you may have.

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Beyond meeting like-minded people during a group trip, that friendship may last over time. Great relationships have arisen precisely because we feel more vulnerable in a foreign destination. You may meet that person again in your home city, continue to talk on the phone, or better yet, continue to share more experiences together.

An afternoon of shopping in New York, that complicity while enthusiastically contemplating the African savannah in a jeep or getting lost in the epic meadows of Scotland. Sharing experiences with other strangers is the best reward of this type of travel, as you will feel part of a whole, being able to go with total peace of mind and safety at all times.

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On paper it seems a bit tiring trip because of the travel and being in a hotel every night; but what seemed a disadvantage became an advantage because it allowed us to see places and landscapes that otherwise we would have missed.

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