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Its meaning is literally the English translation: “Slow travel” and this concept has “officially” its beginnings in Italy in the 80’s with the Slow Food movement, which questions the “Fast Food” and proposes a return to traditional and local food.    A movement that is known as responsible and sustainable. Movement that invites tourists to visit in a slower and more conscious way the places they visit, as well as to act responsibly and leave a positive footprint.

This travel experience and especially the experience of doing the Camino de Santiago helped me to understand the rhythm with which I want to dance life, my way of being in the world and what I really want to know about the places I visit.

And the way I want to see the world goes beyond what the best travel guides show me, the shortest routes that maps show and above all it goes beyond having to live life to show it.

And I don’t mean that you need a month to get to know every place you visit. Slow Travel is not the longest trip, but adopting new ways of living your trip, without rushing to know every place on the giant list of things to do, try to set your own pace and choose what you would really like to enjoy.

Slow life

Thus, the tourist aims to visit as many things as possible in a very short time, so we do not communicate with the locals, nor do we know their way of life or customs, but we schedule the journey, even by hours, to see all the emblematic buildings, famous sites or museums of the city to take a picture in the recognizable monument that we will later share on social networks. Others will see that we were there, although the truth is that we do not get to mingle or even know that society.

Low-cost flights contribute to this, seducing us to travel to distant cities, even making us spend more time on the plane or road than at the destination, to live marathon days with little learning. In this way, we see how even on vacations and free time, which is when we are supposed to have more tranquility, we do not give up the accelerated and stressful way of life we lead.

We propose that you travel to a destination and dive into its daily life, its streets, dishes, people, that you know and enjoy every detail, avoid the crowded places of tourists to look for the local tavern and popular neighborhoods.

Inclusive tourism

Little by little, some trends in tourism have been emerging and are becoming a widespread activity among people. And precisely one of them is slow travel, a type of tourism seen from another perspective.

The term slow travel is increasingly on everyone’s lips, so much so that it has become the preferred form of travel for many people around the world. And no wonder, because more and more people want to live new experiences. It is no longer enough to just travel, now the most important thing is to take the time to do it.

Also known as slow tourism, it is a way of traveling without rushing. In other words, slow tourism basically consists of living the experience of tourism in a deeper way, without time limitations and with a deep desire to immerse oneself in the lifestyle of the place visited.

Back then, people were looking for an opportunity to escape from their daily jobs to explore and get to know other gastronomic customs. The idea was to try something different from everyday food and get to know other types of cuisines. This custom was gradually adopted by more and more people, to the point of becoming a philosophy of life that, with the passage of time, reached the field of tourism.

Slow cosmetics

Are you one of those travelers who travel with everything organized in advance, with a long list of museums to visit, monuments to photograph and restaurants to eat at? That’s because you haven’t yet heard of the slow travel movement, or in other words, traveling slowly.

One of the keys to start traveling slowly practicing slow travel is to organize the trip in a specific area of the country you want to visit. That is, do not try to travel the whole country in 15 days of summer vacation, better focus on an area and delve into its culture, discover its cuisine and feel at home walking through its streets or driving along its roads without getting lost.

Walk, walk and walk. Avoid taking cabs from one tourist attraction to another and walk the streets quietly discovering each neighborhood you pass through, let yourself be seduced by the smell of the restaurants and street food stops you find along the way and indulge yourself, or many… while practicing slow city and slow food.

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