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Rome, Venice, Cinqueterre… It would take many trips to discover all the beautiful places Italy has to offer. If you are looking forward to visiting this country for the first time or just thinking about coming back, here you are going to find all the documents and requirements to travel to Italy in 2022. Due to the coronavirus, more things now have to be considered, so we at IATI, who are always here to make your adventures easier, are going to give you all the updated information so you don’t have any problems.

Since May 1st, it is much easier to move within Italy. On that day, the Green Pass system ceased to be used, that is, it is no longer necessary to show the recovery or vaccination certificate or take a virus test to enter businesses and tourist attractions.

As of June 1, there are no requirements for travel to Italy. From that day on, it is no longer compulsory to present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or test. Therefore, it is as simple as before the pandemic.

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Our students have the possibility to subscribe to the international travel insurance designed exclusively for those who study abroad. Click here for more information.

Having a valid health insurance for Italy will allow you not only to apply for a visa, but also to apply for a residence permit, a procedure that will be carried out within 8 days of your arrival in Italy.

The Fiscal Code is an alphanumeric code that the Ministry of Finance issues to every Italian citizen and also to those who are temporarily residing in the national territory. It is essential to carry out certain procedures, such as applying for registration with the SSN, opening a current account or signing a rental contract.

If you are applying for the permit for the first time, you will have to fill out and present the residence permit application kit (postal envelope), available at the “Welcome Desk” of Poste Italiane, where you will also find dedicated personnel at your disposal for any questions you may have.

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If you intend to stay in Italy for a period longer than three months and your nationality does not belong to the countries of the European Union (Schengen area), it is mandatory to have a valid passport for foreign countries and to obtain a study visa at the Italian embassy of your country.

If you are in possession of a study visa, it is possible to extend your stay in Italy after the expiration of your visa by going through the procedure for the renewal of your residence permit. In this case, you will have to enroll in our courses and present a new certificate of enrollment. Remember that it must be submitted within 60 days prior to the expiration of the previous residence permit.

Self declaration form for travel to italy from abroad 2022

An insurance policy from Generali Italia s.p.a. (Tel. +39063611676). If you have decided on this insurance but have not taken it out before coming to Italy, you can apply for it by paying 49 euros (6 months coverage) or 98 euros (12 months coverage) directly at the Post Office. Use a 3-page payment form, payable to this account: Nr. 71270003, Generali Italia s.p.a. – Conto 20. Bring us the receipt, we will send a copy to the agency and you will receive your insurance document on paper in a few days.

It may take several months before you receive your residence permit. The Police Headquarters will summon you to give you the permit and take your fingerprints. Don’t forget to bring with you all the original documents you used to apply for the permit.

During the wait until the Police Headquarters summons, the receipt from the Post Office has official value, but it does not allow you to travel freely outside Italy, in particular to the Schengen states. If your residence permit is not ready but you need to return temporarily to your country, take a direct flight or find out about the extra-Schengen countries where you can make a stopover.

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