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Verona is so difficult to summarize. Its history is so strongly linked in the collective unconscious with that of Romeo and Juliet that it is rare to find someone who does not associate Verona with Shakespeare’s lovers. And yet, this beautiful city in the Veneto region has a history that can be traced back to the time of ancient Rome (proof of this is its magnificent Amphitheater, Porta Borsari or the remains of the Roman Forum that make up today’s Piazza delle Erbe).

Verona, saving the distances with my Cordoba, resembles it. And not only for its tourist attraction, recognized with the mention of World Heritage City by Unesco, but for its views and architecture.Note: It is advisable to see everything related to Juliet, etc …. It is a city oriented to romantic tourism.

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If there is one celebration that stands out above all others in February, it is Carnival. Although these pre-Lenten celebrations are held in many cities, Venice is undoubtedly the most famous. The floating city is transformed into an open-air theater, replete with decorated masks, elegant capes and lavish carnival balls, including dinner and entertainment. Other cities where carnival is celebrated in style include Viareggio, Verona and Ivrea, where a huge food fight, known as the Battle of the Oranges, is organized. If you don’t feel like getting dirty, go to Norcia, a town in Umbria, to try the delicacy tartufo nero (black truffles).

Known as the month of roses, May brings the first hints of summer with warmer temperatures and a countryside landscape covered in flowers. The average maximum temperature is usually between 18°C and 21°C (64°F and 70°F). However, as it gets cooler at night, don’t forget to bring a jacket or light coat.

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So, whether you are a regular visitor to this city, as if it is the first time you come to visit it, we have a different option: to know it through its viewpoints.  Rome from a bird’s eye view sounds great, are you coming?

Discover one of the best preserved archaeological cities, Paestum, and tour the entire region discovering the wonderful cities of Palinuro and the great Naples. The offer includes flights and hotels.

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On my first trip I explored mostly the Salento area (southern Puglia), the land of orecchiette, trulli and Tarantella. And I fell in love with it, a piece of me stayed in Puglia forever: it is my favorite area of Italy. So much so, that I had to go back to get to know a bit of northern Puglia.

To do this tour it is definitely best to rent a car in Puglia. We took it and left it at Bari airport, the easiest access to the region thanks to low cost. As we usually do, we booked our car at Auto Europe, a Nissan Juke with yellow details that we nicknamed Tweety.

If you are one of those who like to have everything done (hey, that’s why you are on vacation), instead of following my route through Puglia you can book this 6-day trip through the region, from Bari to Lecce.

The capital of Puglia is a city that is quite amazing. The truth is that my expectations were not too high because of what I had been told, and I was amazed, I loved it. It has a decadent touch but with style, like Naples or Palermo that I personally like a lot. It is a mix between village and big city that dazzles at the moment.

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