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It is clear that traveling is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable activities in life, maybe even surpassing sleeping, eating or even having sex. And there are plenty of destinations to visit, whether for their natural landscapes, architecture, people or culture, but unfortunately, not all countries offer good experiences and give you a real hard time.

Reddit is that online platform where anyone can take advantage of to give their opinion. In one of their posts, users took the opportunity to tell and specify the countries they would not go back to and why. Their opinions included reasons related to sexism, racism, crime or areas that are simply too crowded by tourists.

User gogojack wrote on the page that: “I really didn’t like the Bahamas. It’s a beautiful place, but the vibe I got from the locals was very ‘If it wasn’t for the tourist dollars we’d rather you weren’t here.’ Everyone had their hand out for a tip. Everyone had their own way of acting. Everyone looked like they hated having to deal with tourists.”

Worst tourist attractions in the world

The monks seemed superficial and childish, it is full of them. The yogis were some profiteers who only spoke to you if you were premium (they spoke to me almost like a friend while a Californian niece of someone half famous I met was in the ashram; once she left, they didn’t even return my greeting).

It is not a spiritual place, it is the place of the most extreme inequality, saturation, tedium, misery, grayness and superstition. A naive and at the same time terrible place, overcrowded, false, flattering with the westerner, very little curious and without hope.

Who knows the composition of those who respond. If you are looking for comfortable tourism, like a middle class guiri, socks with flip-flops having lunch at McDonald’s in New Delhi… well, no. But if you want to see a really different place, a rich gastronomy, smells, landscapes, people, culture? With my eyes closed. It is true that I have not heard good things about Egypt.

For example, the city of Orlando. It has its own alternative city with its streets full of hotels and entertainment. On the outskirts, 8? 12? amusement parks. But nobody goes to Orlando because it is not a tourist center.

THE DEMENTE returns from his trip to ITALY, he calls

The Venice Film Festival arrives at the end of August and with it some of the best films in world cinema. Italian cinema has given the world some of the best films ever made. Post-war neo-realist films like The Bicycle Thief to the spaghetti westerns of the 1960s, cinematic gold came out of the country.

In a different direction, a Redditor named 2000s Pan and Tulipani as his favorite Italian film. The comedy, directed by Silvio Soldini, centers on a housewife, played by Licia Magilietta, who gets stranded on a family vacation and ends up finding love in Venice.

User jeffrey g commented that the film is “beautifully shot in Venice with an excellent cast. A charming and touching love story that invites to be watched again and again.” Other users agreed, with FrdrVa saying, “Yes! A wonderful film! I think I’m going to watch it again tonight, for the umpteenth time.”

Severe thunderstorms in Italy and Atlanta

Whether you want to see the Pope, tour the mythical Sistine Chapel or gape at the majesty of St. Peter’s Basilica, any reason is valid to visit the Vatican. In this post, all the information you need to spend a day at the Holy See: prices, schedules, how to see the Pope, how to avoid the queues and some extra tips so you can make the most of your visit to the Vatican.

St. Peter’s Square is undoubtedly the most recognizable place in the Vatican: it is the one you see on TV when they broadcast from the papal seat and where some audiences with the Pope are held, as well as other religious events.

In the center of the square you can see an Egyptian obelisk next to two fountains. At one end is the exit to the Via della Conciliazione, which flows directly into the Tiber River. At the other, the famous St. Peter’s Basilica.

But the exterior majesty has nothing to envy to the interior of the basilica. And it is impossible not to remain speechless before such exuberance. As if those ornate ceilings and walls weren’t enough, the basilica is home to Michelangelo’s famous Pietà statue, La Pieta, as well as Berni’s Baldachin.

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