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My first contact with Italy was in 1994 and in 2008 through two organized trips with a very similar itinerary.  Here you can read my travel diaries and first impressions. We visited the following cities:

One of the best ways to get to know the country is to drive along its roads. Italy has a large network of freeways and most of the secondary roads are in an acceptable condition. Speed limits are 50 km/h in town, 90 km/h on secondary roads, 110 km/h on main roads and 130 km/h on freeways. However, be careful how Italians drive! They don’t usually look through the rear-view mirrors and don’t usually respect the safety distances.

The train is also a very good way to get to know the country. It is recommended to book in advance and online to get interesting discounts through the official website Italiarail. There are also special fares for senior citizens and children under 26. There are many direct services and sleeping cars that connect the main cities without the need to change trains.

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Reading Time: 8 minutes(Last updated on: 05/13/2022) Planning a weekend getaway, or maybe a well-deserved vacation with the girls? check out these 12 Best Girls’ Travel Destinations Around the World. From tranquil jungles to cosmopolitan cities, these places are amazing spots for a fun vacation with friends.

Exciting, flashy, mysterious, Las Vegas is famous for its parties, grandiose beats, and lights. While most visitors come for the city lights and the promise of endless partying, Las Vegas is a great girl’s travel destination.

As close as you’ll get to nature at its wildest and most serene, Indonesia is a great destination for girls’ travel. trip. From the magical monkey forest and temples in Bali to Bali’s beaches and turquoise waters, Indonesia has something incredible to offer any group of friends traveling together.

In addition to exploring the fascinating Indonesian culture in Ubud, you’ll have fun hiking up Mount Batur. So, while most travel to Bali to relax in a wonderful villa, you can also experience the adventurous side of Bali with your best friends from some of the most unforgettable spots in Indonesia…

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Here are the top 10 singles travel destinations for a great time, as well as tips on when to travel, to take advantage of the best social events in each location to meet people.

The Cheese Museum is a cozy place to sample delicious Dutch cheeses for free, while the Anne Frank House allows you to learn in detail about her sad but gripping story during the Nazi regime. If you are looking for a truly original museum, visit the Heineken Museum. End a perfect day with a cocktail by one of the canals that run through the city.

In every country there is always a city that sees the sun rise before the others. In Italy it is Otranto, in the southern Salento. Salento is ideal for all trips for singles looking for a getaway in a sunny place, with atmosphere, good beaches and delicious gastronomy.

Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo, Roca Vecchia, Porto Selvaggio and Punta Prosciutto are just some of the towns you can visit in this area frequented by young travelers. If you want to spend a typical Salento night, meet people and dance until the early hours of the morning, don’t miss the Taranta night, where you can learn the pizzica, the typical dance of the Puglia region.

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It is very likely that you have thought the same as me: traveling alone is something we should all do at least once in our lives. The reasons, of course, are many: the advantages of traveling alone that I can think of are many, but I think they can be summarized in two fundamental ones: a better knowledge of yourself and a greater approach to people different from your environment. In addition, you are not tied to other people’s schedules and tastes, which is always good and gives you a lot of freedom to choose what to see and what to do.Now, although all this sounds very nice, we can not stop putting our feet on the ground a little. If you don’t do it right, traveling alone can be expensive and inconvenient. To help you with all this, here I have selected what I consider to be the best destinations for cheap solo travel. They are all safe places (for men and women) and, as a bonus, I will tell you when to visit them and what you can do there on your own.Best destinations to travel alone and cheap1. Caulker Cay (Belize)

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