Pcr test for travel to italy

Italy requires PCRs for EU travelers, whether or not they are in the EU.


Italian citizens who are in Colombia must strictly respect the indications of the Colombian authorities for the prevention of contagion. It is recommended to consult frequently, in addition to the website of the Embassy of Italy in Bogota, also the websites and social networks of the Ministry of Health of Colombia and of the different Authorities for information on the health situation, and the website of Migration Colombia.

Until September 30, 2022, it will be mandatory to use face masks type FFP2 in public transport (trains, ships, buses and other means of transport), in socio-health and socio-assistance structures, and in sanitary structures.

For the issuance of the European Green Certificate in favor of Italian citizens (also residing abroad) and their cohabiting relatives, as well as foreign citizens residing in Italy for work or study reasons and all subjects registered in any capacity with the National Health Service who have been vaccinated abroad, the vaccines recognized by the EMA are considered valid.

From ITALY to SPAIN by BOAT How is it like to TRAVEL in

Very easy to book and the location was excellent and walkable. Test itself was efficient, on time and results were delivered within 30minutes. Even though the U.S. dropped its testing requirement to return/enter to the States, I am glad we kept our appt for peace of mind and also as a courtesy of other passengers on the flight back. Recommend!

An urgent PCR test usually provides results within 30 minutes. With a normal PCR test, same or next day. For worldwide travel, you will receive a travel certificate in several languages. When you get tested at one of our Dutch centers, you will receive a QR code for the CoronaCheck app that is valid for any European country.

If you have tested positive with a PCR test (urgent), you can download your recovery certificate in the CoronaCheck app after 11 days (if you have been tested in one of our Dutch centers).

Yes, that is certainly possible. We have a long experience with travelers abroad. We make sure that the certificate is accepted internationally and has a QR code to validate its authenticity with your camera app.


Rome, Venice, Cinqueterre… It would take many trips to discover all the beautiful places that Italy has to offer. If you are looking forward to visit for the first time this country or just thinking about coming back, here you are going to find all the documents and requirements to travel to Italy in 2022. Due to the coronavirus, more things now have to be considered, so we at IATI, who are always here to make your adventures easier, are going to give you all the updated information so you don’t have any problems.

Since May 1st, it is much easier to move within Italy. On that day, the Green Pass system ceased to be used, that is, it is no longer necessary to show the recovery or vaccination certificate or take a virus test to enter businesses and tourist attractions.

As of June 1, there are no requirements for travel to Italy. From that day on, it is no longer necessary to present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or having taken a test. Therefore, it is as simple as before the pandemic.

PCR test in ROME before RETURNING to your COUNTRY #short

To learn more about vaccine & testing requirements, approved vaccines, proof of vaccination, full vaccination schedule conditions and vaccination exemptions, visit U.S. Entry Requirements for Foreign Nationals.

The CDC has created a brief reference guide, “Flying to the United States from a Foreign Country,” to help travel agents and clients better understand U.S. entry requirements.

Travel agents often use Timatic and IATA Travel Centre as a reference to answer questions about travel restrictions, documentation, entry or health and quarantine requirements.

Airlines and travel agencies use IATA Timatic to verify passenger documentation requirements at their destination and transit locations. Timatic provides customized information based on the passenger’s destination, transit locations, nationality, documentation, country of residence, etc.

The IATA Timatic team is in constant communication with governments and airlines around the world to ensure that documentation and health-related restriction requirements and regulations are updated in real time.  Learn more

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