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People who know me well, know my passion for plants, I love to grow and I get excited when I see my plants blooming and/or bearing fruits. In this picture I am picking tomatoes and admiring the beautiful land of Graniti, Sicily.

For many people traveling is going to museums, monuments, etc… for me getting to know the flora is also part of that exploration. So during this magical trip I had the opportunity to walk in the countryside, discover new plants and flowers, and taste blackberries that literally melted in my mouth!

I still have a long way to go, but I recommend Sicily to all Dominicans who have the opportunity to visit Italy. It is much cheaper than the rest of the Italian peninsula and the people are its greatest treasure, friendly people who make you feel at home.

Aventura latina viaggi

The Ambassador of Italy in Argentina, Giuseppe Manzo, officially opened the Italian Stand at the International Tourism Fair (FIT 2019), where the book “Guida alle radici italiane. Un viaggio sulle tracce dei tuoi antenati” (A journey in the footsteps of your ancestors) in the presence of Consul General Riccardo Smimmo and ENIT Argentine Coordinator Veronica Morelia.

“An important initiative for Italians abroad, but also and above all for Italy, and it has the full support of this Government,” commented the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Ricardo Merlo, at the presentation. “Coming to Italy for an Italian abroad or an Italodiscendente is something completely different, there is feeling and identity: it is a particular trip, a non-traditional tourism that means a lot from the natural and commercial point of view, continued Merlo, underlining, “what for Italy spending on Italians abroad is not an expense, but an investment that Italy must enhance “.

Travel to italy

The regional government of Sicily has announced an aggressive promotion to attract tourists who want to travel to Italy and is that it will pay 50% of the cost of the plane and 30% of the hotel to tourists, with the aim of attracting both locals and foreigners. And this may interest you.

Sicily is a place where the environment, the landscape, the history and the inhabitants determine a different sensibility. This is attested by the many names that have made and continue to make Sicily a land of culture. Painting, cinema and writing distinguish the art of the Sicilians.

As a curiosity, there are many famous artists of Sicilian origin: Joseph Barbera, Jon Bon Jovi (John F. Bongiovi), Steve Buscemi, Frank Capra, Joe DiMaggio, Al Pacino, Chazz Palminteri, Mario Puzo, Antonin Scalia, Martin Scorsese, Frank Sinatra, Sylvester Stallone, John Turturro, Steven Tyler (Stephen V. Tallarico) and Frank Zappa, among many others.

How to travel through Italy from north to south

“It’s going to take real industry collaboration to materially reduce our carbon impact , and the best way to do that is to offer holistic and enjoyable door-to-door slow travel experiences,” says Cat Jones, founder and CEO of Byway . “We are delighted to partner with Intrepid, an excellent and well-known tour operator, to offer their customers truly flight-free round-trip travel.”

The proportion of people who would like to be able to go on vacation safely is close to 100 percent, making the time and cost of slow travel a major consideration. But train routes are getting faster, cheaper, more comfortable and more complex.

Once in Venice, you’ll join your Intrepid group to embark on a culinary journey through Italy. With plenty of hands-on cooking demonstrations, you’ll learn that Italian food is much more than pizza and pasta. Taste genuine balsamic vinegar at an acetaia, learn about wine and olive oil production at a farm stay in Tuscany, and learn how to roll pasta like a pro in Bologna.

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