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Italy is one of the most sought after destinations for many tourists and is one of the most charming countries. Here you can breathe history, art and magic. That is why in this post we talk about the places to visit in Italy in 10 days that will not leave you indifferent.

This 19th century shopping arcade houses the most famous stores of the city and elegant restaurants. It is also known as the Salon of Milan.  These galleries are a must if you visit Milan during your trip to Italy, in them you will find stores of the most prestigious brands. The harmony and architecture of the Galleria Vittorioo Emanuele II make it a perfect setting for a stroll on the way to Piazza del Duomo.

It is a Gothic cathedral with hints of the Lombard tradition, of great beauty and located in the center of the city. Its construction lasted five centuries and it is noteworthy that the entire outside of the cathedral is covered with pinkish-white marble.

If you have time to spare during your stay in Verona we recommend that you also visit the Roman amphitheater Arena di Verona and if you can see any of the works it offers, the Piazza delle Erbe, the oldest square in Verona and on the hill of Castel San Pietro, which offers spectacular views from the best viewpoint in Verona.

Northern italy and switzerland by car

Although on this occasion I have made this itinerary using the train as the main means of transport, if you like traveling by car you can perfectly readapt it and turn it into a roadtrip through northern Italy. To do this, and as we did in our route through the Dolomites, I recommend you to rent a car at the airport of Milan and start your route visiting some of the places around Milan that I recommend in this itinerary or you can head directly to Lake Como, leaving the visit to Milan for the end of the trip. If you have more days, you can dedicate them to further explore the most beautiful villages of Lake Como because with a car you will have total freedom of movement.

Although in this travel itinerary I speak of northern Italy in general, each of the regions will have its ideal time to visit them, so the recommendations that I will give you below will only refer to the places included in this itinerary or related, but will not serve as an example to plan your route through the Dolomites, however far north of Italy it may be.

Travel to northern italy by car

We begin with all the practical data related to the preparation of the trip and later we will publish an entry with each of the days of the trip and all the details about destinations, curiosities, practical data, etc…

As we said, the idea started with visiting the Dolomites. So we started to look at which places we could fly to that were interesting for themselves and for the price of the trip. The dates of the trip occupied the first weeks of August (from the 3rd to the 18th).

It could be narrowed down, the former by booking further in advance. Some of the places we would have liked were no longer available and also by staying in less popular places. We have tried, in most of them, to stay in more or less strategic places and in many of them we have been right and in the one we tried to save a little we regretted it.

There is a lot of accommodation to choose from and, if we found accommodation booking less than a month in advance in the middle of summer, if you are reading this and you think you are short on time, repeat with us: Yes, you can! If you are ahead of your time and you are months away from traveling, congratulations, you have a lot of options to choose from, so I wouldn’t miss the opportunity.

Lake of as

As a peninsula, Italy juts into the Mediterranean Sea and is largely surrounded by water. To the east and west of the mainland, the north of the country is roughly divided into two coastal sections: Adriatic Sea and Riviera. Both have their own characteristic features.

When it comes to the length of its coastline, Italy leads the way among southern European countries. Around 7,600 kilometers are gathered around the trunk. If you want to travel to Bella Italia, you will usually have to choose between one of the two coasts. But which one is the most beautiful? Advertisement

Adriatic Sea: the entire eastern coast of Italy stretches along the Adriatic Sea. On the opposite side are Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. The largest cities on the northern Adriatic coast are Venice, Trieste, Ravenna and Rimini.

Similarly, everywhere there are very special and quieter places where you can experience nature and which are characterized by their own charm. Depending on individual tastes, budget or type of trip, there is a wide variety of accommodations available. There is a great offer in all price ranges on both coasts. Those who are clear about their preferences can find the most suitable for them, depending on their needs.

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