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We recommend strolling through the area of the canals of Milan in a quiet way, enjoy the beauty of its streets, its canals. It is a must to visit the church of San Cristoforo and the street of the washerwomen. We propose to spend the whole afternoon of our route through Milan in this area of the city and take the opportunity to eat in one of its beautiful restaurants and have a drink before going to bed.

Once you have visited the Museum of Ancient Art of Milan you can take the opportunity to go for a walk through the center of Milan and visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the main centers of fashion in Milan, but also a spectacular building. We recommend eating in the area and going to bed early to continue our Milan itinerary the next day.

In the afternoon you can continue the tour to the Rialto Bridge. We then recommend continuing the tour of Venice by taking a gondola, as seeing Venice from the canals is highly recommended. We also suggest spending the night in Venice, although it is really expensive, it is very nice to stroll through its beautiful streets without half the tourists in the area.


Almost 5,000 kilometers in 15 days in the month of August are to blame for the wonderful trip that my wenches, the incombustible grandmother, my photographer and I have made through the north of Italy. There is a lot of information but very scattered for this kind of trips, so in this post I want to give you some clues, in case it can help you, in case you feel like doing a route of this type.

Although it was an almost exclusively travel stage, we arrived in time to take a walk through the old town of Girona that my daughters and my mother did not know. The International Mapping Festival of Girona was being held, which consists of a technical conference and a mapping contest, a fantastic sound and light show that consists of 3D projections on some buildings in the city. We were in the Pastors house, in front of the cathedral. We found it an unforgettable activity… We recommend it for future editions! What talented artists!

Lots and lots of traffic on the roads of the Côte d’Azur. We got up early to take off most of the kilometers and we had time to walk around Cannes for a while. Lots of hustle and bustle, lots of cars, but the day was great and we enjoyed it.

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I have been hesitating a lot about how to make the diary of this trip so that it would not be too long and tedious, it seemed to me that the best solution is to make an entry explaining the whole trip in a more schematic way, and then make more specific entries of each particular place, I hope I have hit the right formula.

As we had the means of transport clear, we only had to book the hotels, as usual we used the available applications, both booking and, choosing the following:

Milan : Hotel Speronari Suites, Via Speronari, 4 (1 night), with an updated decor, the hotel is very well located about 50 meters from the Duomo square, ideal for visiting the city, parking you have to use, the Autosilo Diaz (25€ a night parking).

Como : Hotel Quarcino, via Salita Quarcino, 4 (3 nights), with good facilities, is located 300 meters from the lake, very close to the funicular and the ferry terminal, has free parking in the same building.

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We start with all the practical information related to the preparation of the trip and later we will publish an entry with each of the days of the trip and all the details about destinations, curiosities, practical information, etc…

As we said, the idea started with visiting the Dolomites. So we started to look at which places we could fly to that were interesting for themselves and for the price of the trip. The dates of the trip occupied the first weeks of August (from the 3rd to the 18th).

It could be narrowed down, the former by booking further in advance. Some of the places we would have liked were no longer available and also by staying in less popular places. We have tried, in most of them, to stay in more or less strategic places and in many of them we have been right and in the one we tried to save a little we regretted it.

There is a lot of accommodation to choose from and, if we found accommodation booking less than a month in advance in the middle of summer, if you are reading this and you think you are short on time, repeat with us: Yes, you can! If you are ahead of your time and you are months away from traveling, congratulations, you have a lot of options to choose from, so I wouldn’t miss the opportunity.

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