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There is a popular saying that says “See Naples and die” and, indeed, the traveler will have the impression of having discovered a great hidden treasure when visiting Naples. Among its main attractions, the following stand out:

Naples-Capodichino Airport is the most important airport in southern Italy. Despite this, it is not large and has only 2 terminals. Read on to find out how to get to the city from the airport and which are the main airlines flying to Naples.

Naples has 1 airport(s). The main one is Capodichino and operates flights to domestic and international destinations to 102 cities. Some of the most popular destinations are Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.


Another option is to use one of the four funiculars (Chiaiaia, Mergellina, Montesanto and Central) that connect to the upper part of Naples. It is the most comfortable way to go up to the Castle of San Elmo and get a good view of the Bay of Naples.

Naples is a city overlooking the sea, not only geographically speaking. Its port, the most important in the country, employs more than 5,000 people and is the backbone of the city’s economy. In addition, many cruise ships arrive here loaded with tourists who come to visit Naples, Pompeii and some of the villages of the Amalfi coast. One of the most photographed places (however, it is the first image they encounter when arriving by boat) is the Castel dell’Ovo or Egg Castle. It is believed that it is so called because of the existence of a magic egg in its dungeons and whose breakage would mean countless misfortunes for the city. Currently the interior rooms are empty, as they are sometimes used for different events. Access is free of charge.


Naples is one of those cities that leaves no one indifferent. Its rogue aspect, dirty, chaotic and strident, the clothes hanging from the balconies, the desperate cry of some monuments waiting for a facelift or the endless queues in the most famous pizzerias may be far from being the ideal destination to enjoy a vacation for some.

Click for more info and get a 5% discount. The acclaimed and stressful pizzeria Da MicheleWhen you savor Naples until you feel part of it, you are sure to find your particular adventure with the capital of southern Italy.

We arrived in Naples after a week of travel touring southern Italy through the regions of La Puglia and Basilicata. We had booked the car at the Bari airport and dropped it off the same day we entered Naples.

We preferred to leave the car at the airport in Naples and relax in its narrow streets, without the stress of moving by car through its busy traffic and forget about looking for free parking in the center of the city, something only available to connoisseurs of its secrets.

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In Naples there are countless artistic treasures to visit: the historic center, world heritage protected by Unesco; the palaces, churches, catacombs and subway passages, the Archaeological Museum; the places of medieval and Renaissance power built around Castel Nuovo and the Royal Palace; the unforgettable promenade, from Castel dell’Ovo to Posillipo.

The area of the Vomero hills offers, in the exemplary restored and refurbished buildings of the Royal Palace of Capodimonte and the Charterhouse of San Martino, museum collections among the most important in the world.

Pulcinella is the expression of the “poor”, of those who are “mistreated” and have an atavistic and insatiable hunger. He seems naive, inexperienced, a little “foolish” but in reality he is a man of a thousand resources: with sympathy he manages to cope even in the most difficult situations. The philosopher Benedetto Croce defined him as the “portrait, the caricature or the ideal of the Neapolitan”.

They are lost in time and in fascinating legends. The most reliable hypothesis places its birth in the 7th century B.C., when the Greeks colonized the Gulf to move towards the mining emporiums of the upper Tyrrhenian Sea. In 326 BC it was declared a Roman colony.

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