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All major cities in Italy, such as Rome, Naples and Florence, among others, have special areas dedicated to high fashion. A great example of this is Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, an elegant street full of boutiques.

Naples is the birthplace of pizza as we know it. It was born in the eighteenth century in the poorest neighborhoods, but soon became part of the tables of the wealthiest families. As it climbed the social ladder, it was subjected to the most diverse changes and combinations of ingredients, and so to this day, where pizza plays an important role in the…

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I would start my trip in Naples, capital of the Campania region in Italy and a city that could be summarized as “the Italian essence or the real Italy”, the chaos of the city, the apparent neglect of the houses, the clothes hanging out, the pizza, the “dangerousness”… are some of the most typical characteristics of the city, but there is really much more behind these stereotypes.

Our big trip is about to begin: we will leave home with suitcases in hand and with all the excitement in the world and head to the airport to take the flight to Palermo, the capital of Sicily. Of course, we will do it at least two hours before the flight departure time, so that we can check in our luggage and do all the paperwork without having to rush. When we land in Palermo, they will be waiting for us at the airport to welcome us and transfer us to the hotel. Afterwards, we will have free time until the end of the day to have a first contact with this beautiful city. Travelers with the ‘All Inclusive’ package will also be able to enjoy dinner at no additional cost.

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An incredible 3-day sightseeing and gastronomic tour package to Southern Italy, discovering some of the most spectacular areas of the Campania region, Naples, Pompeii, Paestum, the Vesuvius National Park and the excellence of Italian cuisine.

In less than an hour from the cobbled streets of Pompeii, the road to the enchantment of Greek civilization will open with the perfectly preserved temples of complete this journey between art, culture and gastronomy could not miss a visit to a farm and discover how the famous “Mozzarella di Bufala” is produced, and taste the real flavor!

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If you feel like enjoying beautiful sunny villages facing the sea, Italy and the Amalfi Coast is your trip. Live its colors, breathe its smells and enjoy the beautiful views facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, visiting well-known towns such as Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi in a historic eight-day trip with full board, in four-star hotels; thanks to this Amalfi Coast offer we have for you.

Let yourself be seduced by this trip to the Amalfi Coast in which you will discover Naples, the third largest city in Italy and one of the most artistic and beautiful of the country, key to get an idea of southern Italy; Herculaneum, a beautiful city easy to walk through whose streets are arranged like a chessboard around the forum; And of course Pompeii, a must-see to travel back in time and relive the era of the ancient Roman civilization, among its excavations; a normal, everyday city that has become a real open book of history.

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