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One of the doubts that always arises to the cruisers is what kind of clothes to take to a cruise, since in a cruise there are all kinds of activities, excursions, dinners, dances, parties, etc.. That is why we want to give you some tips or guides to make it easier for you when packing your suitcase.

For casual evenings on board, men can bring shorts, T-shirt or polo shirt and a pair of sneakers, as well as women, pants, tops or T-shirts, skirt or any comfortable dress.

It is also very important to remember for those of you who want to use the gym on board: do not forget sportswear, socks and sneakers, especially for your comfort when exercising.

Clothes for italy in spring

<strong>Craftsmanship</strong> is undoubtedly an excellence of our country, thanks to the thousands of masters who for centuries have passed on their knowledge from generation to generation. This talent covers the most diverse fields, from restoration to art and, of course, clothing.

Starting in Milan, you will be faced with the difficult decision of having to choose the atelier that best suits your style. The tailors in these stores can satisfy any request for any style.

The next stop is Prata&Mastrale, which focuses on exclusivity. The tailor’s shop is not limited to tailoring made-to-measure garments, but also guarantees a service called “My perfect closet” for the care and maintenance of clothes, and much more.

Arriving in the capital, a must visit for lovers of classic style is Sastrería Cardona. Coming to have a suit made here is not just a prerogative for fashion-loving gentlemen, in fact you can view the catalog of tailored suits on their website and get an idea of what you’re looking for before crossing the threshold of this corner of tailoring paradise.

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Describing the clothes you like to wear, talking about clothing and complimenting someone on their style are all practical ways in which you can put your knowledge of the Italian language to use.

Clothes are part of our everyday conversations. Here are some examples of everyday situations where you need to be able to talk about clothing and footwear in Italian, as well as some typical questions and answers you will often hear.

The dress code of an office, restaurant, school or social event is a set of rules about what type of clothing attendees are suggested to wear. Let’s review some Italian dress codes.

Flared trousersPantalone a zampa di elefantePantalone a zampaPantaloni a zampa di elefantePantaloni a zampa[pantalone a zampa[pantalˈonɪ ˈaː d͡zˈampa dˈi elefˈante][pantalone a zampa di elefantePantaloni a zampa di elefantePantaloni a zampa[pantalone a zampa[pantalˈonɪ ˈaː d͡zˈampa]pan- ta-lo-ni a tsam-pa di e-le-phan-tepan-ta-lo-ni a tsam-pa

To learn Italian, it is recommended to learn not only grammar and vocabulary, but also idiomatic expressions. Today, we will cover more than 15 terms, phrases and expressions related to clothing in Italian to describe situations in a more creative way. Here they go.

Clothes to travel to Europe in summer

Here we tell you some places where to go shopping in Milan: shopping malls, outlets, shopping areas and streets and everything you need to know if you like fashion and want to take advantage of your trip to go shopping in Milan. Surely you will have to buy an extra suitcase to take all the new clothes you get in this fabulous city.

If you travel to Milan you will probably like fashion, and if not, you will start to like it as soon as you step on its streets. There is no culture in Europe with such good taste in clothing as the Italian one, and the Milanese are clear proof of it. It is difficult to walk through the streets of Milan and find people who do not dress elegantly or with a special style. This is not only related to the fact that in this city clothing is of great importance, but also that there are spectacular sales, so you just need to know where to go to get good clothes at an unthinkable price.

In this section we are going to show you the most important shopping areas where to go shopping in Milan. You will also find a list of the best shopping malls and outlets in the city (places where to buy cheaper clothes). At the bottom of the page there is a list of different stores with alternative fashion.

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