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COVID-19 | Controversy grows in Italy over the health pass


Mainz (dpa) – Biontech will start supplying its coronavirus vaccine tailored to combat the omicron variant within days, following approval by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which is expected shortly.

The EMA is also looking at a vaccine from the Mainz-based company and its U.S. partner Pfizer against coronavirus adapted to the current omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5. Biontech is submitting the final documents to the EMA, Sahin told Der Spiegel. “Approval can take place very quickly, also in this case,” he added

224 million euros for vaccine logistics in German development cooperation partner countries. A new “precautionary instrument” was also agreed, which will come into force in the event of new dangerous variants of the virus and ensure that developing countries then have rapid and equitable access to the new vaccines.

Berlin (dpa) – Since Wednesday, the so-called vaccination obligation has been in force in facilities for workers in the care professions. They had until Tuesday to present proof of vaccination or recovery from illness, or a certificate that they cannot be vaccinated. Unvaccinated health care workers could now face consequences. Authorities can impose fines, bans on professional activity or access to their workplaces.

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For example, the list confirms the exclusion of tobacconists, so that to buy tobacco you will have to have a health certificate, and you will not be able to enter post offices and banks without it, not even to withdraw the retirement pension. On the other hand, access will always be allowed to health and veterinary centers, as well as to police and local police stations “for the prevention and reporting of infractions”.

Since last December 20, following the appearance of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, the authorities have introduced new control measures, including the closure of discotheques and a curfew set at 8 p.m. for the entire hotel and catering industry, a key sector for the Irish economy.

At least one in 75 people in the Netherlands are now infected with the coronavirus, said the Dutch Minister of Health, Ernst Kuipers, who stressed the pressure these unprecedented figures put on the possible reopening of the hotel and catering industry and culture, which have been closed since mid-December.

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Until then, governments around the world had rejected the idea of a universal coronavirus vaccination mandate, opting instead for incentives and other “nudges” to motivate people to receive vaccinations. Even in authoritarian states, such as China, it is not a mandatory policy.

Other countries are beginning to consider similarly drastic measures to persuade more people to get vaccinated, despite criticism that low vaccination rates make them unrealistic and would deprive millions from earning a living.

Scientists are still reviewing data to assess how effective existing vaccines are against the new variant, but Moderna’s CEO warned in an interview with The Financial Times that he believes it will amount to “a material drop.”

The question of whether or not to pull the trigger on mandates, and how to weigh the risk to civil liberties against a serious threat to overburdened healthcare systems, has caused much nervousness around the world, especially in Europe, a proud bastion of liberal democracy.

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Protests in Italy against mandatory vaccination certificate EFE / Video: Protests in the streets of Italy against the entry into force of the compulsory vaccination certificate to work – Atlas

Antivaccinationists have coordinated on the Telegram platform, with various chats, including ‘No Green Pass (that’s what the vaccination certificate is called in Italy) – Let’s win together’, ‘No Green Pass – Enough is enough’.

Some protests have also taken place in the school sector. In the Piazza Tribunale di Bolzano (South Tyrol), a demonstration of the ‘No green pass’ movement took place, with the participation of parents of schoolchildren. About 200 people gathered at the initiative of the Active Parents movement whose motto is “No one has the right to obey”, the famous phrase of the political scientist and philosopher Hannah Arendt, a phrase written on one of the buildings in the square.

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