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The beginnings of the custom of making this trip among the European upper classes date back to the eighteenth century and remained fashionable until the mid-nineteenth century, when the popularization of the railroad gave way to what we might call the mass tourism of the time.

To travel to Italy was to travel to a culture very different from the Anglo-Saxon one, a way to experience first-hand classical and Renaissance art and to enjoy a country with more relaxed customs than the Protestant England of the time.

Visiting archaeological sites of the Greeks and Romans, great Gothic cathedrals, palaces full of Renaissance works of art or neoclassical buildings were the main attraction of this initiatory trip to the cradle of culture in the West.

On their return home, some of the protagonists of the Grand Tour described, in novels and poems and in great detail, their routes, visits and works of art that they discovered in the different cities of Italy. Many of these writings would serve today as authentic travel guides.


If you are not on the yacht of an Arab sheikh or a Russian billionaire, the usual way is to arrive by boat from Sorrento (20 minutes) or Naples (45 minutes to an hour). The ferry docks at the port of Marina Grande; once on land, it is best to take the funicular up to the town of Capri, perched on top of a hill, and take it as the starting point of our route on foot.

Villa Jovis stands on the edge of an intimidating cliff over the water, a perfect place to watch who was approaching and live in isolation. The more or less legendary history tells us that the successor of the first Roman emperor (Augustus) never wanted to be Caesar, and that his withdrawn character became sour and rarefied with age, while his vices and perversions increased, especially bisexual pederasty, which found here a discreet riding school.

Before arriving at the retreat of the likeable Roman emperor, we skirted the southeast of Capri and followed the road to Tragara until we came upon the Faraglioni (Faraglioni), three stone masses that are about a hundred meters high and stand like sentinels barely separated from the coast (in fact, the largest remains connected to the island by a natural stone walkway).


The Italian National Agency for Tourism – better known as ENIT – presented the Italy Awards to travel agencies on March 21 at the spectacular Missoni Hall of the Abrantes Palace in Madrid, headquarters of the Italian Institute of Culture.

The prizes, trips to Italy for two people, were awarded by the Director of the Franco-Iberian Area of ENIT, Domenico Di Salvo, at the end of the concert. The lucky agencies were: Viatges Aeroclub, from Barcelona; Grupos de, from León; Viajes Multidestinos, from León and Viajes Halcón, from Valencia.

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