Italy travel itinerary 14 days

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That’s why there are thousands of routes to travel around Italy, one would like to have a lifetime to travel around the country. The list of places to visit is huge, but making an itinerary through Italy in a couple of weeks can be really profitable if everything is well organized.

That’s why in this article I’m going to tell you about a 15-day itinerary through Italy by train. I would also like to mention that I put together this itinerary with the objective that you are not going to be rushing, even though it is only a few days, I tried to make you really see each place and explore it calmly.

Beyond the importance or even trying to convince you to always travel with insurance, something you should know is that if you plan to travel to Italy it is a requirement to have insurance and if they ask for it and you don’t have it, they can’t let you in.

Do not take the risk of not having medical insurance, even if everyone has told you that they never used it or that they were not asked for it at the entrance of the country, believe me it is not worth the risk. Also, the cost of medical attention in Italy is expensive, if something happens to you (even if it is minimal), you will have to pay a good amount of euros to get treated if you don’t have medical insurance.

Touring Italy in 25 days

Departure date 14 days TOUR by CAR through the BEAUTIFUL ITALY AND THE AMAZING SOUTHERN ITALY from MILAN1. Select accommodation and date Hotel from Availability Hotel 3* / 4*2275.00 € Accommodation Selected: Previous Next M M X T T F S D Select a date from the calendar. Budget summaryYour transaction is being processed.14 days TOUR by COACH through BEAUTIFUL ITALY AND THE AMAZING SOUTHERN ITALY from MILAN

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Italy Travel Itinerary

What we do know for sure is that traveling to Italy on your own means a before and after in the travel experiences of any foreigner who chooses this corner of the world. We do not know a single person who has not loved it. We came back completely in love with its people, its food and its cities. Shall we start?

We recommend the car option, only if you are going to make a route through nearby countries such as Croatia or France. Keep in mind that parking in cities like Milan, Florence or Venice can cost you a lot of money, since the downtown area is restricted to vehicles or is payable.

The big question you will ask yourself when organizing a trip to Italy. As always, it will depend on the days you have available and what you want to see, but we believe that 7/8 days is the minimum you need to enjoy this Mediterranean country.

To travel around Italy we recommend using the train, it is the best option. The stations are located in the center of the cities, besides being a comfortable and inexpensive transport. Calculate that a trip between Milan and Venice has a price of about 20 euros in modern high-speed trains. Check prices and availability on the Trenitalia website.

Italy in 21 days

Delightful journey through the winding hills of the Tuscany region. We will enjoy a rich tasting of local products and its famous wine in Montepulciano. Located on top of a hill, characterized by its medieval and Renaissance architecture. Then visit Pienza while enjoying the views of the valley.

– Monterosso: The name comes perhaps from the color of the hills at sunset or perhaps from the color of the hair of Lord Rufus who lived in the castle. Enjoy the lively village or visit the convent of the “Capuccini”.

Departure to the coast of the Gulf of Tigullio, one of the most exclusive areas of Italy. We arrive in Rapallo where after a walk and if conditions permit we embark to visit Portofino. Now known as “The Pearl of the Riviera”, it is an ancient fishing village on the Italian Riviera that since the 1950s has hosted Hollywood artists, art, politics and industry personalities, becoming a famous place all over the world. We will then move on to Santa Margherita Ligure, an elegant destination of international tourism, with an unmistakable atmosphere. Free time for lunch near the port and continuation to Milan.

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