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You can make a 7 days tour in Italy organizing it yourself, it is quite simple and even here we will tell you the approximate cost. Although there are people who prefer to hire 7 days tour in Italy with travel agencies and have everything more organized … whatever your preferred option this guide will come in handy. Here we go.

City known for its popular Murano glass, the island of glass, visit one of its many glass factories. Full of glass souvenir stores, you will want to buy everything! It is also home to one of the oldest churches in Venice.

Visit its great amphitheater, preserved almost to perfection and that has nothing to envy to the Colosseum, taste its delicious waffles and enjoy a quiet atmosphere and really charming corners. Spend the night in the city of Milan, so when you wake up you can take advantage of the day from early morning.

You can not miss a visit to the Cathedral of Milan, the popular Galleries Vittorio Emanuele II, an architectural work of the nineteenth century, noted for its high vault topped in iron and glass and the Basilica of St. Ambrose.    Finish by visiting one of its most hidden gems, the Monumental Cemetery, a true marvel!


Welcome to our guide to organize a trip to Italy. We are going to leave you a lot of tips for traveling to Italy. We have visited the country several times and with our experience we want to help you to prepare your complete trip and above all we want you to enjoy the most and spend the least.    So travelers welcome to your travel guide to Italy.

Reading time: 12 minutes We present you the 3 most visited cities in Italy. Traveling to Italy is a classic, it will never go out of fashion. Its cities, its landscapes, its gastronomy are famous in the world…

Another platform we can recommend is Airbnb. We have used it all over the country and we have found really good prices and spectacular houses. We leave you here a discount of 35 euros for your next trip.

Italy is a country where eating is part of tourism. Visiting the main tourist sites such as the canals of Venice, the tower of Pisa or the Colosseum are not enough. In Italy you have to eat and eat well.    In Italy you eat much more than pasta or pizza. The coffees, ice creams, sausages and all the food in general is exquisite in Italy.

Tourism italy 2022

Welcome to Italy!  The Italy Tourism Blog offers a variety of information on Italian culture, news and current affairs, with special attention to sightseeing tours, routes and maps for travelers, or accommodation tips to enjoy vacations in cities and towns throughout Italy.

Whether you are planning a weekend trip to the main cities of Italy, as if you have in mind to carry out the Grand Tour touring up and down the country, we will try to provide you with practical information for you to choose the best options for transportation and accommodation.

Through our current articles we will try to bring you closer to Italy and its landscapes through history, the best excursions and routes, ideas to plan your trip and to know the places that never appear in the tourist guides.


Do you want to travel to Italy but don’t know where to start organizing your trip? Do you need to know what is the best route through the country, what to see in Italy, what to see in Rome or what are the places you can’t miss? Have you been looking for a good travel guide to Italy for ages but can’t find one that convinces you? Well, let me tell you that you are in the right place!

What are the most recommended tours in Italy? Where are those places you can’t miss for anything in the world when traveling in the land of pasta and pizza? All that, and a lot more content, is what you will find in our travel guide to Italy.

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