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I arrived in Italy and these are my travel requirements


The deadline to pay foreign trade taxes at the International Arrival Hall is 5 working days, counted from the arrival of the goods. If payment is not made within this period, the goods will be declared as abandoned. (Total loss of the merchandise).

Any passenger who enters or leaves the country with cash, for an amount equal to or greater than USD 10,000 (ten thousand dollars) or its equivalent in other currencies, is required to declare it before the corresponding authorities, in accordance with the Organic Law for the Prevention, Detection and Eradication of the Crime of Money Laundering and Financing of Crimes.

The migrant returning from abroad through the International Arrival Hall may nationalize his household goods through this channel. To do so, he/she must submit to the customs operator the sworn declaration with the requirements normally required for clearance under this regime. During the physical inspection, compliance with the requirements will be verified and it will be determined whether the entry into the regime with or without tax exemption is appropriate.

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Due to the prolonged state of epidemiological emergency, passengers are invited to constantly consult the institutional portals to verify the rules of access to transport services and the corresponding conditions and measures of containment applicable to passengers.

It is further specified that upon arrival in the Country of destination, the Local Competent Authorities reserve the right to verify and assess at their discretion all documentation to authorize entry and therefore the Carrier cannot be held responsible for any refusal of entry authorization, even when not justified.

Since regulatory provisions change suddenly, it will be the responsibility of each passenger to verify the national and regional restrictions in force prior to each trip, both outbound and return.

As regulations may change, it is the responsibility of each passenger to check the national and regional restrictions in force prior to each outbound and return journey.

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Things can be a bit uncertain at the moment, but we’re here to go over everything you need to keep in mind if you’re flying in the current situation. If you’re looking for testing tips, travel requirements or just basic information, you’re in the right place.

Dealing with testing can be tricky. To help you, we’ve compiled all the relevant information in one place. Here you’ll find what you’re looking for, whether you want to buy discounted test kits or get tested at the airport.

If the country you’re traveling to imposes new travel restrictions or mandatory hotel quarantines, our Travel Restrictions Protection gives you the flexibility you need.

EU Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) Registration of

If you are traveling within the national territory, please consult the information provided by the Autonomous Communities in relation to their requirements to the traveler through the following

* Based on Article 5.2. of the Agreement on the Accession of the Kingdom of Denmark to the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement of 14 June 1985 on the gradual abolition of checks at common borders, signed in Schengen on 19 June 1990, passengers coming from Greenland and the Faroe Islands will not be subject to border checks.

At present, there are no countries that are required to take additional measures to those already mentioned. In the event that the epidemiological situation in a country/territory or zone worsens to an alarming degree, exceptional health control measures may be applied to passengers arriving from such countries/zones.

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