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Con su embriagadora mezcla de ruinas, arte y vida callejera, la apasionada capital de Italia es una de las ciudades más románticas y seductoras del mundo. Un viaje a Roma consiste tanto en disfrutar de la dolce vita como en empaparse de arte y cultura, mientras que los monumentos antiguos recuerdan la edad de oro de la ciudad, cuando era caput mundi (capital del mundo).

Capri, una isla turística que se remonta al apogeo del Imperio Romano, ha sido durante mucho tiempo un destino extraordinario lleno de encanto antiguo. Apreciada por todo el mundo, desde el médico Axel Munthe, que recomendaba su aire puro a sus pacientes como cura para la bronquitis; hasta el director de cine Jean-Luc Godard como escenario de su película El desprecio, de 1963; pasando por iconos literarios, celebridades, poetas y la jet set, Capri cuenta con un rico espíritu y estilo mediterráneos que abarcan una gran cantidad de belleza, desde los jardines a las villas, pasando por las cuevas, hasta la gente que pasea por la animada Piazzetta, donde los coches están prohibidos y la actitud lúdica de la isla corre a sus anchas. Capri Dolce Vita es una mirada a este legendario rincón del mundo a través de los tiempos y una celebración del paraíso en la tierra.

The finisher

“First she holds the fruit in the palm of her hand, stem side up. Then she makes a horizontal cut to divide it exactly in half. The juice of a freshly picked orange is abundant, uncontainable and its aroma bursts into the air (…) I have participated in this ritual in fields all over Italy and it is always a moving moment. There is nothing that can compare to the taste of an orange just picked from the tree”. The aromas, the textures, the colors, the sights are touched in Helena Attlee’s The Country Where the Lemon Tree Blossoms (Acantilado). A golden starting point to tour the boot-shaped peninsula that enchanted the British garden expert. Italy is a country to know from one end to the other. From the Alps to Sicily. Punished by the coronavirus crisis, reading is a way not only to travel, but also to vindicate the subjugating beauty of its landscapes.

Transalpine tourThe Romans and the Medici cultivated them. Oranges, lemons and citrons. Attlee’s treatise on citrus fruits, translated into Spanish by another Italy enthusiast, María Belmonte (who signs Pilgrims of Beauty: Travelers through Italy and Greece), is sometimes misleading in bookstores, where it usually occupies the kitchen section. Although this delicate essay that combines horticultural theory and travel chronicle does not forget about gastronomy, the reader should know that he or she is in front of a hypnotic sensory experience where history and nature go hand in hand. They will look at lemon trees differently after reading it.

Novels set in Italy

This is the book that has surprised me the most of all those that have ever fallen into my hands, I explain: when you open the first page of Los viajes. Italy, you find a landscape with a character dressed in black who looks like a pilgrim and someone quietly sitting on a bench under the shade of a beautiful tree. You assume that the meadow is Italian (from the title obviously) and you think, “Aren’t there any letters?” You continue to look at it carefully and turn to the next page.

Here we have an enlargement of the little house that was visible in the distance on the previous page and you think the same thing again, that there is nothing written… and that’s when you realize that this book, Travels. Italy by Mitsumama Anno is an illustrated album where the story is told by the pictures.

Created in 1978, the author himself explains at the end of the book that only in 2006 he managed to give it the color tone he always had in mind to reflect the Italian Tuscany he adored so much. And now Kalandraka Editora brings it to us in this new edition that I hope will amaze you as much as it did me.

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Share on TelegramI like books as much as I like traveling. Many times they have gone together in my life, both to find the necessary inspiration and motivation to encourage me to visit this or that place. At the moment it is complicated to travel abroad, so in this post we bring you books to travel to Italy without leaving home, to settle down on the couch and travel.

What aspiring traveler wouldn’t like to travel without a return date and on a budget? The “Grand Tour” travelers did just that, they would get into their horse-drawn carriages and travel “sine die”. Goethe made his trip to Italy between 1786 and 1788 on a tour that took him to Rome (every traveler’s goal), to Sicily, to Venice, to Bologna, and so on. It was a happy time for him and he took notes that were not published until much later. A book to travel to Italy by the hand of a literary great and surprise us with it.

We make a tour of the wonderful island through a multitude of images of traditions, landscapes, monuments, people, food, etc.. A good visual compendium that makes us want to return to Sicily as soon as we open it.

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