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Florence Tours es una agencia turística (afiliada a un operador turístico) que vende y organiza excursiones en bicicleta, visitas guiadas en el centro histórico de Florencia y visitas guiadas a museos e iglesias en Florencia y la Toscana. Florence Tours ofrece visitas con guías autorizados en los siguientes idiomas: Italiano, inglés, español, portugués, francés, alemán, ruso, rumano y turco. Florence Tours estará encantado de proporcionarle una explicación detallada de todos los tours disponibles para ayudarle a encontrar el tour que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades. Además, Florence Tours ofrece alquiler de bicicletas urbanas y de montaña para aquellos que deseen explorar la ciudad por su cuenta.

NUESTRA MISIÓNA través del trabajo duro y la innovación, nos esforzamos por ofrecer los mejores recorridos a pie y en bicicleta de Florencia, Italia.  La satisfacción del cliente es nuestra principal preocupación, y trabajamos duro para estar seguros de cumplir con sus expectativas.  “Queremos que su viaje por la Toscana sea inolvidable”- Julia Olaru, Manager y Consulting

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This country is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Italy is Rome; but not the city but the Empire of Rome. The most famous civilization in history established its metropolis in Italy and consecrated Rome as “the beacon of civilization”. Beyond the human and political considerations that can be made of this phrase, we cannot fail to notice that Rome is certainly luminous and the architectural beauty, the pure history and the tradition of Roman culture in the West are indisputable.

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From a place that is the cradle of the Roman Empire, the seat of the Catholic Church and the capital of the Renaissance, we can only expect to be fascinated. Italy will undoubtedly thrill you and you will return from your vacation feeling passionate about the transalpine country. The beautiful landscapes are just the beginning of what Italy has to offer visitors.

From the tasty coffee you’ll taste in the cafes that line its elegant piazzas to the breathtaking Alpine slopes and picturesque villages, the magnificent seaside promenades and the incomparable architecture and historical monuments, there is something for everyone in Italy, no matter the age of the visitor. When you take a break from sightseeing, shopping in Italy is an event. And its cuisine is among the best in the world, so at the end of the day, sit on a terrace and indulge in this remarkable gastronomy.

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Italy is a country full of natural beauty, history and culture, with attractions that leave no one indifferent. Visit the best places in Italy and you will be able to know the traces of a rich and prosperous past in every corner, mixed with a modern country that stands out in many fields such as fashion. You can also enjoy its gastronomy, where each region has a particular and magical flavor.

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Day 01 FRI. Rome – Welcome. Transfer to the hotel and free time. You will receive information in the afternoon for the beginning of your tour, or through the information boards located at the hotel reception.

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