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If there is something that every traveler looks for in their vacations, it is to travel with confidence and security, leaving in the hands of experts your peace of mind, and in Kerala Travels our team of professionals will advise you in the best way.

Our expert guides will take you to the most incredible places of this nation and of course in the best way. Or if you prefer you can do it at your own pace and without feeling any pressure, travel through its roads, islands, towns and cities and marvel at this diverse nation.

We are the agency that guarantees you a spectacular vacation whatever your destination or your expected type of trip; rest assured that you are in good hands, give yourself the opportunity and give us the opportunity to travel with you.

Meet historical vestiges that abound throughout the territory, its cultural samples and its delicate and delicious cuisine recognized and copied around the world; its infinite nature in places of beach, towns and cosmopolitan cities. You can be one day in a fairytale village with cobblestone streets and typical houses of beautiful architecture, and the next day be walking the streets of a city home to the best fashion brands in the world.

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These companies are usually located directly on site and specialize in a specific territory which they know very well, whether at provincial, regional or national level. They provide hotel reservations, transportation, departures and all that is necessary. They differ from tour operators or travel agencies because they are limited to a particular continent or nation.

A DMC operator is a specialist who manages to provide individual services related to tourism and travel; it is a partner of a tour operator and sells its products to both travel agencies and private individuals.

We take care of all the steps so that you can fully enjoy the experience. We do not organize fixed packages but, together with you, we draw a flexible travel plan where you decide what to see and how. We advise you in all the stages from the plane to the entrance tickets to the museums so that your only concern is to pack your suitcase.

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Italy is one of the most chosen countries by travelers as a tourist destination. Undoubtedly, this is due to many reasons. Its historical importance and rich culture, its beautiful landscapes and its tasty gastronomy are some of them.

Although it is not an easy task, we have made a selection of the 5 best beaches in Italy. With more than 7,500 kilometers of coastline, the Italian peninsula is home to one of the countries with the greatest offer and variety of beaches and coves in Europe. In addition to being connected to the Ionian, Adriatic, Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas, it has coasts on the Channel of…

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It is impossible to visit Italy once and not want to return. There will always be a taste of little, it will always be necessary to return to visit a landscape, taste a food or admire that sculpture that we could not see on our previous trip. Many great writers, sculptors and painters have left their mark for us to savor, so that we can resist the challenge. This country, the most difficult to classify because of its great diversity, has in every corner something to discover.

It is in the shadow of the disturbing and feared Vesuvius that the Gulf of Naples appears, where the most intense spirit of the Italian south is breathed. The city is an interesting monumental center, presided over by the Plebiscito square. Pompeii, one of the best archaeological destinations in the world, rises 10 km from Vesuvius, the same volcano that buried it centuries ago. In the center of this city, unearthed from oblivion in 1748, we find real gems such as the forum, numerous plinths of commemorative statues and part of the colonnade of Toba.

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