Italy solo travel itinerary

Southern Italy in 10 days


It is not for nothing that they have been a World Heritage Site since 1997. A little more than ten kilometers long along the coast in a first-class scenic route. In all honesty, we did not want to choose any of them separately. They are to be contemplated in unison, like an orchestra formed by several instruments.

If we continue down the west coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea heading south, we reach Tuscany. We are not going to discover this well-known Italian region now. It is a must for anyone who loves roads, scenery and gastronomy. Between the cities of Siena and Florence, we find this charming walled town of tall medieval towers where time seems to have frozen.

The region of Umbria is not as well known as Tuscany but it is well worth a visit. In fact, they share the same type of landscape: elongated fields dotted with slender cypress trees, isolated farms in the plains, medieval walled villages, succulent cuisine (in Umbria you can eat a magnificent sausage)… In short, it has nothing to envy to its neighbor. Well, yes, maybe the sea. However, Umbria has one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy: the Trasimeno.

Itinerary italy 20 days

I think you will agree with me that if you were looking for the best routes by car to travel around Italy you have come to the right place, am I wrong? Go saving because after this article you are going to put me an apartment in Cinqueterre I said, get paper and pen … here we go!

The first of the car tours in Italy that I am going to bring you is a spectacular 12-day tour of Northern Italy starting in Venice and ending in Milan, traveling through authentic Italian gems such as Bologna, Verona, Bergamo, the mosaics of Ravenna, Padua, Ferrara and the lakes of Garda and Como. A great trip.

Throughout this spectacular itinerary through northern Italy we will visit incredible places such as the Villa of Balbianello at the foot of Lake Como, the Chapel of the Scrovegni in Padua, the villages of Burano and Murano, sunsets like the Castle of San Pietro in Verona, among many other places … this route is full of moments and its route would be like this:

The first half of the day will be spent visiting Ferrara (0h 58min). We will have lunch at Il Mandolino Trattoria. After lunch we head to Ravenna (1h) and see the churches with mosaics that are: Basilica di San Vitale, Mausoleum of Gala Placidia and San Apolinar in Clase. We go to sleep in Bologna (1h).

Touring italy by car

My first contact with Italy was in 1994 and in 2008 through two organized trips with a very similar route.  Here you can read my travel diaries and first impressions. We visited the following cities:

One of the best ways to get to know the country is to drive along its roads. Italy has a large network of freeways and most of the secondary roads are in an acceptable condition. Speed limits are 50 km/h in town, 90 km/h on secondary roads, 110 km/h on main roads and 130 km/h on freeways. However, be careful how Italians drive! They don’t usually look through the rear-view mirrors and don’t usually respect the safety distances.

The train is also a very good way to get to know the country. It is recommended to book in advance and online to get interesting discounts through the official website Italiarail. There are also special fares for senior citizens and children under 26. There are many direct services and sleeping cars that connect the main cities without the need to change trains.

Touring italy in 30 days

What is it about Tuscany that when you visit it, you always want to come back. Maybe it is that romantic halo that surrounds its hills, its medieval villages, its countryside, its architecture and its gastronomy, where it seems that finding places full of magic is easier than in any other part of the world. And maybe it is simply because all this together, with its light, makes it one of the most beautiful regions not only in Italy, but in all of Europe.

Tuscany has inspired books, movies and routes of the most traveled souls. A place that should be visited without haste, where you have to leave room to simply stop to observe its beauty as many times as necessary, photograph and mark in the retina to never forget. A region where you can chat with its people, where you can enjoy its food and the famous Chianti wines, where you can walk among cypress trees and where you can climb to the top of the highest tower of each of its villages. Always, yes or yes, leaving some time to fall in love with its landscapes every day at sunset.

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