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Dare to discover Tenerife and be amazed by its climate and its diversity. Visit at your own pace its corners and know its beaches painted by sands of various colors. The Teide, the Orotova, the Anaga Rural Park, the cliffs of Los Gigantes and much more, are waiting for you to enjoy a well-deserved vacation on this island as special as complete.

Prices “from” per person and stay in double room and indicated regime, (except Pass Seniors Paradores: prices per double room for two people and drinks not included. Check Paradores included and exception dates), valid for certain origins and dates/periods until June 30, 2023, (Circuits until October 28, 2023).

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Blog traveling alone

A woman makes a new friend at the gym, a beautiful woman. A few months later, she receives a wedding invitation. Excited, she asks her friend if this is her first marriage and this is her response.

This joke begins with three writers, Sam, Pete and Chuck, attending a writing convention, they booked a room on the 75th floor of a hotel, upon returning they are notified that the elevator is out of order and this happens.

Pepe was in a coffee shop, when from a nearby table a spectacular woman waves to him. Pepe looks around and realizes that the girl’s greeting is for him and this is what happens.

Today we bring for you a funny hidden camera video to start your day with a smile. This time it is about a groom asking a person to record the marriage proposal he has prepared for his bride.

A farmer decides to buy a young rooster for the hens in the barnyard, since the one he had was too old. When the young rooster arrives, he observes the place and then tells the old rooster that it is time to retire and this happens.

Destinations for traveling alone

In 2017, the Single Alliance was launched, to which eight agencies specialized in people traveling alone and to different destinations have joined. As Luis Pineda, from Solteros de Viaje and initiator of the Alliance, explains, “it is a union to coordinate the groups, and thus avoid confusion regarding the sale of trips and cruises since when in a trip offered by any of the agencies the Alianza Single seal appears it will mean that the trip is the same regardless of the website where you can see it and thus be able to process the reservation in the company of your choice”.

Contrary to what most people may think, the objective of these agencies is not to match clients. They are not a “marriage” agency. In general, their proposals are designed to satisfy any type of traveler. In them we can find from hiking getaways to remote corners, to adventures in Costa Rica or Tanzania, or tours in Egypt. What unites them all is that their groups are formed by single people who want to travel in groups.

Traveling alone experience

In response to this phenomenon of solo female travelers, the HomeToGo portal has compiled a list of the 5 best destinations to travel alone, taking into account the quality of accommodation, the cultural and activity offer, the cost of living and the quality of its transport system, the hospitality of its people and, most importantly, its level of safety.

A safe country where the hospitality of its people is assured is Italy, in addition to its exquisite food. HomeToGo gives this southern European country the highest score for its range of activities. They propose discovering the Amalfi Coast by walking the Path of the Lemons, tasting the wines of Tuscany and hiking through the rocky landscapes of Cinque Terre, dotted with multicolored villages. Not forgetting one of its star cities, Venice.

Indonesia has plenty of places to see: the rice fields of Ubud, the Pura Taman Ayun temple or the clear waters of the Gili Islands will be three of the landscapes that will deeply penetrate your memory.

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