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We know that putting Rome on the list of travel to Italy now is not going to surprise you, but it is no less deserving of being at the top of the country’s must-see destinations. Rome is a must-see for anyone who loves to travel. You can have traveled halfway around the world and an infinite number of countries, but without Rome your “travel resume” will always be lacking.

Rome is a journey through time in which you will see wonderful sites such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and the incredible Pantheon of Agrippa that will put you on the verge of suffering the Stendhal Syndrome. Rome is places but also flavors such as pizza, pasta, ice cream or the sweet limoncello that will gradually seduce you.

If you travel to Italy now, Rome can not miss on your route and, in addition, from there you can also know a microstate as peculiar as the Vatican where you can also hallucinate with treasures such as the Sistine Chapel.

You can not miss Tuscany if you are traveling now in Italy! That landscape that you have seen so many times in movies and postcards will open up for you to visit an infinity of beautiful villages that will captivate you with their history and gastronomy. Tuscany is much more enjoyable if you have the possibility of touring it completely on your own with your own vehicle. Drive up and down the winding roads surrounded by vineyards and visit must-see places such as Siena, Lucca, Montepulciano or Val d’Orcia.

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One celebration stands out above all others in February, and that is Carnival. Although many towns hold these pre-Lenten celebrations, Venice’s festival is by far the most famous. The floating city is transformed into an open-air theater, filled with elaborate masks, stylized capes and lavish carnival balls with food and entertainment. Other notable carnivals are held in Viareggio, Verona and Ivrea, where there is a huge food war known as The Battle of the Oranges If you prefer not to play with your food, head to the Umbria region to the town of Nursia to sample the prized tartufo nero (black truffle).

Numerous festivals are held in April, from Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, which showcases eye-catching furniture, to the start of Florence’s Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, which fills the city with theatrical and musical performances. Verona has its annual Vinitaly wine and spirits exhibition, with tastings, workshops and book readings. April 25 brings a double dose of celebrations, as the whole country celebrates Liberation Day and Venice celebrates a big feast in honor of St. Mark, the city’s patron saint.

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Rome, Venice, Cinqueterre… It would take many trips to discover all the beautiful places that Italy has to offer. If you are looking forward to visiting this country for the first time or just thinking about coming back, here you will find all the documents and requirements to travel to Italy in 2022. Due to the coronavirus, more things now have to be considered, so we at IATI, who are always here to make your adventures easier, are going to give you all the updated information so you don’t have any problems.

Since May 1st, it is much easier to move within Italy. On that day, the Green Pass system ceased to be used, that is, it is no longer necessary to show the recovery or vaccination certificate or take a virus test to enter businesses and tourist attractions.

As of June 1, there are no requirements for travel to Italy. From that day on, it is no longer necessary to present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or having taken a test. Therefore, it is as simple as before the pandemic.

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Flight + HotelPackagesTravel to ItalyTravel to Italy and tour the country of the “dolce vita” with these offers we have prepared for you. Be amazed by its incredible architecture, its millenary ruins, its charming villages, its cosmopolitan cities, its unreachable art and its unparalleled gastronomy.

So, whether you are a regular visitor to this city, as if it is the first time you come to visit it, we have a different option: to know it through its viewpoints.  Rome from a bird’s eye view sounds great, are you coming?

Discover one of the best preserved archaeological cities, Paestum, and tour the entire region discovering the wonderful cities of Palinuro and the great Naples. The offer includes flights and hotels.

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