Is it safe to travel to italy this summer

When will it be possible to travel to Italy? | Italy’s tourist reopening


When using the metro, streetcars, trains and buses, it is important to know that the tickets purchased must be validated at the ticket machines. On buses and streetcars, tickets can be validated inside the vehicle. However, on trains and subways, the validation is done at the station or platforms and before boarding the carriage. It is not necessary to validate the trip on high-speed trains (Freccia Rossa, Freccia Argento, Freccia Bianca), whose tickets already have a date, time and pre-assigned seat. On regional trains the validity date of the ticket varies depending on whether it has been purchased online or over the counter. More information on Trenitalia.

Are you preparing your trip to Italy? Do not forget to consult the travel recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as to note down the emergency telephone numbers of the Embassies and Consulates.

The highest risk areas are in the regions of Umbria, Lazio, Marche and Abruzzo. Except in periods of seismic activity, there is no reason not to travel to Italy. It is advisable to be aware of how to act in these cases.


We know that putting Rome on the list of travel to Italy now will not surprise you, but it is no less deserving of being at the top of the must-see destinations in the country. Rome is a must-see for anyone who loves to travel. You can have traveled halfway around the world and an infinite number of countries, but without Rome your “travel resume” will always be lacking.

Rome is a journey through time in which you will see wonderful sites such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and the incredible Pantheon of Agrippa that will put you on the verge of suffering the Stendhal Syndrome. Rome is places but also flavors such as pizza, pasta, ice cream or the sweet limoncello that will gradually seduce you.

If you travel to Italy now, Rome can not miss on your route and, moreover, from there you can also know a microstate as peculiar as the Vatican where you can also hallucinate with treasures such as the Sistine Chapel.

You can not miss Tuscany if you are traveling now in Italy! That landscape that you have seen so many times in movies and postcards will open up for you to visit an infinity of beautiful villages that will captivate you with their history and gastronomy. Tuscany is much more enjoyable if you have the possibility of touring it completely on your own with your own vehicle. Drive up and down the winding roads surrounded by vineyards and visit must-see places such as Siena, Lucca, Montepulciano or Val d’Orcia.


Italy is one of the most touristic countries in the world, so it enjoys a great accommodation network. Traditionally hotels and nowadays apartments of all kinds and bed and breakfasts fill the cities and towns of the country, making it very easy to find accommodation when traveling to Italy.

A tour of Milan for a day in October: the must-see sights of the city such as the Duomo or the Sforza Castle, the Naviglio or the Pinacoteca Brera. Artistic tour of the historic gates of Milan. Milan and its gates, an urban element almost unknown to travelers.

Visit the Carthusian Monastery of Pavia, one of the most interesting monasteries in Northern Italy, between Pavia and Milan. For me a visit that will leave you with your mouth open to discover the spectacular Carthusian monastery and its various rooms.

Verona: route for one day. Although this city deserves a few more, the must-sees like Piazza Bra or Piazza delle Erbe (of the Herbs), the Arena, its Adige river and its medieval castle. But in Verona there are numerous hidden treasures that do not fit into all the routes and that we also tell you in the blog.


What we do know for sure is that traveling to Italy on your own means a before and after in the travel experiences of any foreigner who chooses this corner of the world. We do not know a single person who has not loved it. We came back completely in love with its people, its food and its cities. Shall we start?

We recommend the car option, only if you are going to make a route through nearby countries such as Croatia or France. Keep in mind that parking in cities like Milan, Florence or Venice can cost you a lot of money, since the downtown area is restricted to vehicles or is payable.

The big question you will ask yourself when organizing a trip to Italy. As always, it will depend on the days you have available and what you want to see, but we believe that 7/8 days is the minimum you need to enjoy this Mediterranean country.

To travel around Italy we recommend using the train, it is the best option. The stations are located in the center of the cities, besides being a comfortable and inexpensive transport. Calculate that a trip between Milan and Venice has a price of about 20 euros in modern high-speed trains. Check prices and availability on the Trenitalia website.

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