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Your team members work hard for you, and they deserve an incentive to please them. We at Discovery Italy make their job easier by organizing and planning truly memorable and engaging travel and incentive programs, from sporting events to exclusive parties, as well as perfectly organized ski trips. We are sure that your team will appreciate the destination you have chosen for them. Choose us as your partner for your next company event.

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From El Giróscopo Viajero we propose organized trips for companies, incentive trips, known as business travel and employee incentive or business incentive trips. A form of indirect salary that companies offer to their workers, with trips with high benefits, special activities and luxury accommodations and services. A way to motivate workers and bring them together to strengthen their relationships so that results improve for the companies.

Incentive trips are an ideal occasion to get to know the gastronomy of a country, and also to do gastronomic tourism and wine tourism. Quality gastronomy in which the local product is privileged in breakfasts, lunches and dinners in which good dishes are mixed with conversations, always washed down with good wines.

In incentive trips, quality and impeccable service are paramount, so the different professionals in the sector guarantee personalized services to make the group’s stay as comfortable as possible. From transfer services from airports or other places, to transfers to places of tourist interest, as well as the services of professional guides to help you get to know the places.

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Our name is our mission: Italy Wanderlust reflects our concept of travel as a continuous discovery, enrichment, emotion, experience and inspiration. This concept is what guides us to prepare the best product for each client, which, with its uniqueness, becomes our starting point for the creation of ‘your’ personalized trip, with which you can discover the most true and fascinating Italy.

When you hear about Rome you inevitably think of the majesty of St. Peter’s Basilica, the grandeur of the Colosseum and the treasures of the ancient Roman Empire. But, in reality, in addition to these infinite wonders, there is so much more. And not only in Rome, but also in the rest of Italy, a country that will never cease to amaze you and inspire you from north to south, from the magic of the Dolomites to the heat of Sicily.

An enogastronomic journey is a deep immersion into the Italian lifestyle, passions and traditions. Taste the highest level wines and the best olive oils, discover ancient flavors, absolutely true to themselves or reinvented with creativity and innovation: our tours are not mere visits, but intense sensory and emotional experiences that will delight your palate, delight your eyes and allow you to get involved in the stories of those who make their work a passion that becomes excellence.


In a short time, the acceptance of the clients for the quality of the tourist services offered by Polvani and the remarkable sales results, suggested Mr. Polvani to extend his organization to other Latin American countries. The first country to see the birth of other offices was Brazil, with offices in Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo.

As time went by, Polvani expanded its activity to other Latin American countries. Then it was the turn of Genoa in Italy, where the head office and general management were opened. Then came Rome, Madrid, Lisbon and official agents in all the capitals of the world.

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