How to travel to sardinia italy

How to get to Sardinia by ferry


You can proceed to the purchase by phone, online or physically in the same port of Barcelona, on the website of Grimaldi always going out very good promotions, I leave the link to the official website of GRIMALDI LINES.

On this trip we chose the cabin option on both trips, on the outward journey we took the junior suite cabin, and for the return trip, as it was a daytime trip, we chose an outside cabin with 2 bunk beds (4 beds).

The necessary documentation to travel with your pet is: European passport, rabies vaccination and microchip. Remember to bring their food, water …etc.We have a manual about traveling with a dog if you want to take a look at it!

Once you have the boarding passes, this is where the ship will tell us where we will travel, the ground staff will guide us through the whole process, we will take the vehicle and we will stand in the row corresponding to the destination and wait here until boarding time. Until then we can wait inside the vehicle or outside.

We have mainly stayed overnight in parking lots, most of them work with parking meters, you can find yourself in the middle of a wild beach and find a parking meter. There is always a special rate for camper vehicles, but… much more expensive than a car, some of them have day and night rates…

Sardinia airport

From the Port of Cagliari you arrive directly in the city center. The historic cafes located under the porticoes of the elegant promenade of Via Roma welcome everyone arriving from the sea, as well as the lively Marina district with its typical taverns and restaurants, craft stores and plenty of businesses to enjoy until late at night. Near the Port is the train station, bus station and car rental services.

The airport is south of the city of Olbia, 10 minutes from the center. It owes its name Costa Smeralda to the well-known tourist resort of Gallura, an intense center of international tourist movement that characterizes the northeast of the island.

How to get to sardinia from barcelona

Hello Boris and Giovanni, on Saturday our vacation ended and we returned home. I am writing this email to thank you for the treatment you have given us and to tell you that everything went great. It has been a great trip. We loved the accommodations. We were a bit tired of overcrowded hotels. The people who took care of us in the different accommodations were charming but especially the family at the Baratili San Pietro guesthouse. They treated us as if we were their family.

As on other occasions, we followed your advice almost to the letter, as far as possible. It is obvious that our tastes coincide, so we joined the Trinakria / Zagara Fan Club. Congratulations for continuing with your project and offer these products so careful and original out of the vulgarity of the many tourist that surrounds us.

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There is probably not a single person who has not considered visiting Italy at least once in his life. Whether you are a lover of good weather, a lover of beautiful buildings, monuments, or a lover of ancient Rome, it’s hard to find something that Italy can’t offer. It is difficult to find something that Italy cannot offer.

For history lovers, Rome is home to some of the most famous museums, including the Vatican Museums, the Capitoline Museums, the Borghese Gallery and the Palazzo Massimo. In the city of Rome you won’t have time to get bored.

With countless Italian restaurants scattered throughout the cities, you will have no problem tasting the exquisite Italian cuisine, based mainly on pasta, pizzas, olive oil and delicious Mediterranean recipes that will make you want to extend your stay.

The most flexible way to travel around this country is by car, either your own or rented once you arrive in the city. There is also an extensive network of trains available to travel around the country, as well as buses, which are much cheaper. If money is not an issue, cabs are also available.

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