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In this article I am going to tell you the best tips for traveling to Rome so you can make the most of your visit without any setbacks. The idea is to help you with basic questions (and some not so basic), so that before (and during) your trip you go as prepared as possible.

For your convenience, I have divided this guide by sections and steps, the main concerns that a visitor may have when planning a trip to Rome. This way, it will be much easier for you to organize your trip with these Rome tips.

Personally, I would recommend avoiding the months of July and August, it is too hot and the city is overcrowded with tourists. In addition, prices tend to skyrocket during this season.

Actually in Rome there will always, always be people, but it is true that during the summer is really impressive the amount of people who visit the city. If you can, avoid those months to have a much quieter visit, and if you can’t, my recommendation is to book everything well in advance (I explain this in detail below).

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Splendid Paris, and Rome, the Eternal City, are usually among the first places to visit on the list of travelers. Although these cities are far apart, they are very well connected by train. Here’s everything you need to know to make this wonderful trip.

The fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Paris to Rome is to take the TGV high-speed train. This modern train will take you directly to Milan, where another Italian high-speed train, Le Frecce, will take you the rest of the way to Rome. For actual travel times, please see our timetable.

If you prefer to travel at night, you can take the Intercités de Nuit night train from Paris to Nice, near the Italian border. From there, you can easily reach Rome with the regional trains. This travel option will take you approximately 20 hours.

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What we do have clear is that traveling to Italy on your own is a before and after in the travel experiences of any foreigner who chooses this corner of the world. We don’t know a single person who hasn’t loved it. We came back completely in love with its people, its food and its cities. Shall we start?

We recommend the car option, only if you are going to make a route through nearby countries such as Croatia or France. Keep in mind that parking in cities like Milan, Florence or Venice can cost you a lot of money, since the downtown area is restricted to vehicles or is payable.

The big question you will ask yourself when organizing a trip to Italy. As always, it will depend on the days you have available and what you want to see, but we believe that 7/8 days is the minimum you need to enjoy this Mediterranean country.

To travel around Italy we recommend using the train, it is the best option. The stations are located in the center of the cities, besides being a comfortable and inexpensive transport. Calculate that a trip between Milan and Venice has a price of about 20 euros in modern high-speed trains. Check prices and availability on the Trenitalia website.

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The Italian capital is one of those cities that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. The thrill of thinking that the cobblestones you walk on have centuries and centuries of history can only be experienced with a trip to Rome. It’s a great open-air museum, full of iconic corners, magical light and food so delicious that you’ll want to return to Italy again and again.Search now for all flights or choose one of our flight + hotel package deals to Rome.

Rome has 2 airport(s). The main airport is Fiumicino and operates flights to domestic and international destinations to 205 cities. Some of the most popular destinations are Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

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