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Portofino, which is located in a bay at the foot of a hill dominated by a castle, is an eminently holiday enclave. And much more expensive than Genoa, by the way. It is a posh place, as attested by the dozens of pleasure boats that anchor in its port.

FIRST: Take the REGIONAL TRAIN FROM GENOVA-BRIGNOLE to SANTA MARGHERITA LIGURE-PORTOFINO. You can also take the train from the stations of Genova Sampierdarena or Genova Piazza Principe. It takes less than an hour and there are several trains every hour.

The Port or Marina of Portofino is the most beautiful and attractive area to see in Portofino. The pastel-colored houses, built on three and four floors, swirl in this area which is the most photogenic of the town.

The Port of Portofino opens onto Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta. Or what is the same, the Piazzeta, as it is known here. The truth is that the picture is beautiful and reminiscent of the villages of the Cinque Terre.

Again in the port we find the entrance to what is known as the Museo del Parco. Here what we find, basically, is more than a hundred sculptures of contemporary art distributed along a garden overlooking the harbor.

Portofino or cinque terre

The Ligurian Riviera extends a few kilometers from Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo, more precisely, between the Gulf of Tigullio and the Golfo Paradiso. Portofino was one of the first places in Italy to be exploited for tourism and, today, this beautiful port is the preferred destination of thousands of tourists.

Some historians claim that Portofino is named after the Roman Empire, which founded the city with the name Portus Delphini due to the abundance of dolphins in the Gulf of Tigullio. Although its name could be associated with wealth, the origins of this fishing village were very humble. In spite of that, over the years Portofino has become the preferred home or vacation destination of many millionaires, nobles, actors and actresses.

A good way to start the tour of Portofino is visiting the Chiesa di San Martino (Church of St. Martin), whose beautiful marble facade and spectacular interior make it a sober and charming temple. It is part of a pleasant walk through Portofino’s historical heritage, which includes other points, such as the Oratory of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of St. George (Giorgio).

How to get to portofino italy

Portofino is the most famous tourist resort in Liguria and Italy. Famous for its worldly life, Portofino is distinguished by a summer tourism with many hotels, restaurants and stores up to any requirement. The gastronomic and handicraft offer is very famous due, above all, to the fusion between natural and man-made architecture. The attractiveness of this wonderful place is linked to the layout of the houses, the colors, the reflections of the sea…

On this promontory, in the middle of the Gulf of Tigullio, mixed broadleaf forests and Mediterranean patches coexist, while the steep submerged walls reveal an infinity of marine microenvironments, giving rise to a composite reality of high naturalistic and social-historical interest.

A pedestrian path of a kilometer and a half, leads to the beautiful cove of Paraggi with its sandy beach. Also worth a mention are the ruins of the Acquaviva mills, which survived from a glorious past, the church, the castle and the ancient fortress of San Giorgio, in the direction of Punta del Capo.

How to go from genoa to portofino

If you want, you can walk from Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo and reach Portofino, just follow the promenade along the side of the village for 5 km and in just over an hour you will have reached your destination.

It is a castle museum, an ancient fortress on the coast in a position overlooking the gulf of Portofino. Brown Castle was, in the past, a strategic observation point to control the town and its surroundings. Near the castle there is a nice park with many paths. The entrance to the park is open until 19:00, while the entrance to the castle closes at 17:00-18:00. Today the Brown Castle is used to accommodate cultural exhibitions and from here you can admire the most beautiful landscape in the country! The price to visit the castle is 5 euros.

The church was built in honor of San Giorgio, patron saint of Portofino, whose body is preserved in the church. This Romanesque church, built in the twelfth century, is the oldest element of the village. The church of San Giorgio is on the hill, and for this reason tourists are attracted not only by the beauty of the church itself, but also by the panorama overlooking the town of Portofino that can be admired from here. A must for those who love photography! While you are here, you can also visit the old cemetery behind the church.

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