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Let’s see, you have a friend who loves to travel and you don’t know what to give her, do you? Nowadays, gifts are complicated. We all have a lot of things, but as a traveler, there’s always something you need. I leave you my list of gifts for travelers, everything I wish or would have wished to have in my travels.

Let’s be clear, travelers have other priorities. Maybe those cute shoes or jacket that we saw in the window and commented how cool! we can not take it in the suitcase, either because they take up much space, or because they are not so comfortable to walk the hours planned.

So, I leave you here the list of gifts for travelers 2022 that will make them happy to see your gift. You can jump to the section that interests you by clicking on the link. If you want to read all the ideas, just keep reading.

If you have a lot of time (and patience) you can look on Aliexpress. They have a lot of super cheap passport covers. Of course, it may take 2 weeks or 2 months to arrive… Do you need a gift for now? Amazon will be your ally in this case.


If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’re going on a trip soon. You have almost everything ready, but you’re missing the best part: how to tell them? (If you’re at this point, you might be interested in this article I wrote about travel preparations).

You’ve already spent a lot of money on planning and you think that a gift card or email booking is an unoriginal way to give that experience, getaway or trip. True, you’re absolutely right 🙂

If you decide on the guidebook, you can print out the reservation and stick it in the middle of a sheet of paper so I can find it when I’m browsing. If you decide on the map, stick some thumbtacks in the places you are going to visit.

Simply by wrapping her passport in wrapping paper, she’ll know there’s a trip in sight. But you can also give him this passport cover and put inside a note or the same paper reservation.

Gifts for long trips

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Gifts for relatives abroad

Italy is a country famous all over the world for its incredible natural beauty and for its numerous historical and artistic testimonies. Traveling from north to south along the peninsula always brings unforgettable emotions and indelible memories in every traveler.

If you are planning to travel to Italy or you find yourself here, surely the question of what to buy for your loved ones or what are the typical souvenirs of the city that best represent it has arisen.

Each city has its own souvenir that represents it, although in almost all of them we will find objects that actually belong to other regions or places and that is why we must be attentive to what we buy and the message we want to convey to those we bring the gift.

One of the most representative souvenirs of the country is the Roman Colosseum and not only this but also Roman helmets, swords and others. It is the most coveted souvenir for tourists: too many attractions that take place between the area of the imperial forums, the historic center and the Vatican City. It seems that the favorite contraption for those who visit Rome is, at least the first time, the Colosseum.

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