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Gay tourism in Europe is something we are used to. In general, countries are becoming more and more tolerant and respectful of LGBT tourism, mainly because it brings in money and that in the end always comes before any beliefs or phobias.

Italy in general is an LGBT tolerant country. Always keep in mind that, as everywhere, the rural and less touristy areas can always err on the side of ignorance and it will not be the same to go hand in hand with your boyfriend or girlfriend through the streets of Milan than through a small town of few inhabitants. With that in mind, we can say that yes, in Italy you will feel comfortable as a gay tourist.

We always say it: every country has that modern, cosmopolitan city, which does not have the burden and responsibility of being the capital and therefore becomes an icon of modernity and, why not, also a gay icon. In Italy that city is Milan, and we assure you that there you will find the best LGBT atmosphere in the whole country.

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Milan is among the Italian cities the gay capital par excellence and of course its offer of gay and gay friendly bars and clubs is very varied. Unfortunately there is no neighborhood like Chueca in Madrid or Castro in San Francisco and although Via Sammartini, a street next to the central station should be the “gay street” of Milan, the truth is that it is a rather unsafe and unattractive street.

For the gay tourist who comes to visit the city it is interesting to know the discos, cruising bars and bars where you can have a drink, dance and why not, between one drink and another, meet new friends.

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From the 8th century until the Roman invasion, the Greeks created a thriving civilization in southern Italy, Magna Graecia. The area was fully integrated into Greek culture and civilization.

The Etruscans dominated the central Italian Peninsula between the 6th and 3rd centuries B.C. Their civilization is considered to have been heavily influenced by the ancient Greeks, and could even be considered part of the classical civilization.[3] They left few written testimonies, leaving little written evidence, but they did not leave any written records.

They left few written testimonies, so there is not much direct information about their thought and society. On the other hand, numerous works of art have been preserved, including some with homoerotic motifs. The oldest is a fresco from around 540 BC in a tomb in Tarquinia, one of the most important Etruscan cities. It is not clear what the scene depicts, but one man can be seen anally penetrating another, while a bull charges them both from the front. Other frescoes in Etruscan tombs depict Greek-style symposia, with half-naked and naked men in intimate gestures. Representations of naked men are numerous in Etruscan art, both on vases and on the back of mirrors, following the Greek model. A cist from around 400 BC depicts nude men in seventeen different poses. There are also a few depictions of Greek homosexual mythical scenes, such as the abduction of Chrysippus by Laius.[3] The Greek cist is also known for its depictions of the Greek homosexuality of the men.

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