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As in the world of straight single travel, people looking for a LGTBI trip or GAY single travel, are looking for an extra incentive, in addition to travel and meet new destinations. The idea is to meet and make new friends with people with the same characteristics or tastes.

They are trips or experiences with the same characteristics as any other single trip. In many occasions, as a single agency, for the same destination two groups are created, it is about forming a single group (mixed) and a group of exclusive gay or LGTBI travelers.

In most of the occasions to these gay singles trips, come one or several friends, men and women LGTBI, that what they prioritize is the destination and the trip. So there is not much difference with the rest of destinations where there is no specific group of gay travelers.

On board a wonderful yacht, equipped, where you can contemplate the thousands of cetaceans that inhabit the crystal clear waters of this wonderful Red Sea, also for those who are not so used to the sea, will anchor at night in sheltered places so that those who are not so used to, can sleep well, watching beautiful sunsets.

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First Luxury Art Hotel – This boutique hotel, housed in a 19th-century Palazzo, features a popular bar, a rooftop Asian restaurant and terraces equipped with whirlpool Jacuzzi. Nearby: Piazza del Popolo. Address: Via del Vantaggio 14, 00186

G-Rough – This hotel features an elegant street-side coffee bar, modern and vintage decor, exposed-beamed ceilings and parquet floors, and offers suites equipped with balcony, kitchenette and living rooms, all in an amazing 17th-century building. Nearby: Colosseum (2.1 km) and Piazza Navona. Address: Piazza di Pasquino 69, 00186

The Independent Hotel – Get ready for a great experience, rooftop terrace and plenty of amazing amenities. Some suites at this hotel include lounges, sitting area and balcony. Nearby: The great Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and Termini train station. Address: Via Volturno 48, 00185

iQ Hotel Roma – Has a guest laundry, children’s play area, business center, sauna, fitness room, lobby bar and buffet breakfast are just some of the amenities here. The dining room offers a beautiful view of the city from its terrace. Nearby: Trevi Fountain. Address: Via Firenze 8, 00184

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Pets allowed Air conditioning Bicycle available Disabled Access Parking Fitness Garden Pets not allowed Outdoor pool Outdoor heated pool Outdoor heated pool Restaurant / Round Table Reception room Sauna – Hammam Spa Television Wifi

EquipementsPets allowed Air conditioning Bike rental Disabled access Parking Fitness Garden Pets not allowed Outdoor swimming pool Outdoor heated pool Outdoor heated pool Restaurant / Round Table Reception room Sauna – Hammam Spa Television Wifi

Gay Sejour is the reference guide for gay and lesbian travel: hotel, guesthouse, vacation rental, gay-friendly restaurant, gay bar, gay sauna, gay beach. With Gay Sejour find the best gay addresses in Italy to organize your trip and your travels. Thanks to the network and the link created by Gay Sejour, we can guarantee our guests the reliability, quality, authenticity and friendliness of gays and gays of our reception and our programs in Italy.

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From the 8th century until the Roman invasion, the Greeks created a thriving civilization in southern Italy, Magna Graecia. The area was fully integrated into Greek culture and civilization.

The Etruscans dominated the central Italian Peninsula between the 6th and 3rd centuries B.C. Their civilization is considered to have been heavily influenced by the ancient Greeks, and could even be considered part of the classical civilization.[3] They left few written testimonies, leaving little written evidence, but they did not leave any written records.

They left few written testimonies, so there is not much direct information about their thought and society. On the other hand, numerous works of art have been preserved, including some with homoerotic motifs. The oldest is a fresco from around 540 BC in a tomb in Tarquinia, one of the most important Etruscan cities. It is not clear what the scene depicts, but one man can be seen anally penetrating another, while a bull charges them both from the front. Other frescoes in Etruscan tombs depict Greek-style symposia, with half-naked and naked men in intimate gestures. Representations of naked men are numerous in Etruscan art, both on vases and on the back of mirrors, following the Greek model. A cist from around 400 BC depicts nude men in seventeen different poses. There are also a few depictions of Greek homosexual mythical scenes, such as the abduction of Chrysippus by Laius.[3] The Greek cist is also known for its depictions of the Greek homosexuality of the men.

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