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Not for nothing have they been a World Heritage Site since 1997. A little more than ten kilometers long along the coast in a first class scenic route. Quite frankly, we did not want to choose any of them separately. They are to be contemplated in unison, like an orchestra formed by several instruments.

If we continue down the west coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea heading south, we reach Tuscany. We are not going to discover this well-known Italian region now. It is a must for anyone who loves roads, scenery and gastronomy. Between the cities of Siena and Florence, we find this charming walled town of tall medieval towers where time seems to have frozen.

The region of Umbria is not as well known as Tuscany but it is well worth a visit. In fact, they share the same type of landscape: elongated fields dotted with slender cypress trees, isolated farms in the plains, medieval walled villages, succulent cuisine (in Umbria you can eat a magnificent sausage)… In short, it has nothing to envy to its neighbor. Well, yes, maybe the sea. However, Umbria has one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy: the Trasimeno.


It is born on the Hill of the Sun, on the right bank of the Tiber River. It was founded by the Sarsins, then passed into the hands of the Etruscans who made it one of the most important cities of Etruria. The city had a strategic position, due to its location on the top of the hill from where a large part of the surrounding territory could be seen.

In the Middle Ages, when the Roman Empire disappeared, Italy was invaded by Goths, Byzantines and Longobards, and Perugia also lost its freedom, remaining in the hands of the Byzantines. But a few decades later, it was already the seat of a Longobard duchy, without yet acquiring the importance of its neighbor Spoleto.

Its true autonomy was difficult. In 1376 they rebelled against the Papacy and threw out the Vicar: this led to the prohibition of autonomy in their government and they had to depend on the Church in 1403.

Perugia is very ancient: already at the time when Rome was almost born, the current capital of Umbria and ancient Etruscan city had 7 gates, among the most important for its grandeur was the “Porta Pulchra” or “Gate of Augustus”.

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